March 4th-5th | Amsterdam

Join us at the 2020 European FOG Summit

Last year we launched the very first European Fats, Oils and Grease Summit. Our goal was to change the way people think about FOG.

We believe the only way to achieve this is through continuous collaboration and the sharing of ideas. That’s why we’re ready to do it all again and bring more of the world’s innovators and experts to Amsterdam in March 2020.


A chance to talk

“Keep the conversations moving” was the message from one of our expert presenters at our 2019 European FOG Summit (Andrew Bird, Futurologies). Our 2020 summit will be the perfect place to do just that. Experts and innovators from around the globe can discuss and debate, and listen to what their peers have learnt in the past year. We look forward to welcoming another diverse mix of experts from the worlds of education, hospitality, utilities, grease management, sustainability, customer engagement, and more.

Hear and share ideas

There were some great ideas discussed at 2019, such as “setting up a co-ordinated group to look exclusively at FOG, align consistent messages and share the best practices that are happening all over the world”. Or “making FOG training compulsory for all kitchen staff”. Those at our next event will be able to hear any updates and progress, hear new ideas and, of course, share their own inspiring brainwaves.

Our Speakers

Mick O'Dwyer is CEO and founder of SwiftComply. He has unparalleled experience in FOG compliance and regulation. Michael previously worked at Dublin City Council, where he developed Europe's first FOG source control program. In 2012 Michael founded Evolution Environmental Services, an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the delivery of FOG source control programs. Michael is a regular speaker and contributor at industry conferences and events, including the annual WEF FOG seminar. Michael holds an MBA from Smurfit Business School and a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from University College Dublin.
Mick O'Dwyer
Founder and CEO (SwiftComply)
Tom Curran is a lecturer in UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering at University College Dublin. He was a Fulbright Scholar (TechImpact Award 2017-18) at North Carolina State University to develop an advance warning system for sewer blockages. He leads the EU Horizon 2020 AgroCycle waste project with 26 partners across Europe and China. He contributes to media articles about fatbergs.
Tom Curran
Director of MSc Environmental Technology Programme (University College Dublin)
Karyn Georges has nearly 20 years’ experience working within the water sector, focusing on sewer networks, wastewater treatment, and resource recovery. She is the Head of Consulting (UK) within Isle Utilities, an Innovation and Technology consultancy with offices across the globe. Isle works with technology companies, investors, and end-users to bring innovative solutions to life. Recently, Karyn led a project team to deliver the UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) project on FOG Control and FOG Collection: A joined-up approach.
Karyn Georges
Head of Wastewater Consulting (Isle Utilities)
Bas de Nijs is a mechanical engineer who’s specialized in sewer network calculations since 1994 in Amsterdam. His areas of expertise are: identifying and justifying cost-effective infrastructure improvements for sewer and drainage systems and solving urban flooding- and sewer overflow related pollution problems. Since 2015 his responsibilities lie in the daily operation of the sewer pumping stations along with the sewer networks, CSOs and WWTPs.
Bas de Nijs
Senior Wastewater Engineer (Waternet)
With over 37 years' experience in the wastewater field, Teresa has a Class IV Wastewater Operator Certification, a Pretreatment Coordinator Certification, and a degree in Analytical Chemistry. Teresa is responsible for the development and implementation of the City Sewer Use Ordinance & the Industrial Pretreatment Program. The program ensures that wastewater discharges comply with state, local & federal mandates.
Teresa Lewis
Teresa Lewis
Manager of Customer Relations (City of Carmel Utilities)
Tjits van Lent is a social psychologist specialising in behavioural change. She is currently working at Dijksterhuis & van Baaren, a company in applied behavioural science, within the domain of waste management and behaviour. Together with Waternet she carries out a project on understanding the psychological factors that underly peoples’ behaviour regarding FOG and wet wipes. In addition, the project aims to influence peoples’ flushing behaviour.
Tjits van Lent
Behaviour Psychologist (Dijksterhuis & van Baaren - on behalf of Waternet)
Pieter has been involved with the wastewater management from a young age with his father owning a plumbing company. In 1993 he founded, which is now the leading company in Holland for grease trap installation. Pieters company works with independant entrepreneurs and large organizations. is a one-stop-shop for FSE's and is in close contact with the government, DCRM, and local authorities for permits and approval regulations for installing the right grease interceptor. Pieter is also one of the leading consultants for national and international companies looking to take advantage of the growing interceptor market.
Pieter de Graaff
Founder & Director (
Working with Waternet since 2001, Thinka has extensive project management experience in several health and safety fields. This includes the “International certified Model of Good Practice” and various Safety awareness programs. Thinka heads up the “FOG and Wet Wipes” project, which works to improve the health and safety of the workers in sewage and wastewater plants.
Thinka Lapre
Health & Safety Advisor (Waternet)
Tom Freyberg is the founder and director of Atlantean Media. An award-winning environmental journalist, his articles have been published in The Times, The Guardian, and CNN, among others. After graduating, he spent five years working on renewable energy, recycling, and waste before moving into the international water market as chief editor of Water & Wastewater International (WWi) magazine. During this time, he covered high profile interviews, including Singapore Environment Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan, and Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. In the summer of 2018, he launched Atlantean Media, an international digital content creation company serving the environmental engineering industries, with a particular focus on water. Through Atlantean Tom acts as the content director for Aquatech Global Events and also serves as the content strategist for a new feature-length documentary, Brave Blue World, featuring Matt Damon.
Tom Freyberg
Content Director (RAI Aquatech/Atlantean Media)
With a professional background in the catering, waste and technology industry, Lily has a heart for innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. At Suez she has helped governments from different levels such as local municipalities, European Commission and several ministries in Belgium to deal with waste in a responsible and sustainable way. Her ticket to Google in Dublin has opened her eyes when it comes to opportunities that comes with technology to help businesses thrive. Today at SwiftComply she's a firm believer that that modern environmental challenges can be tackled in an efficient and smart way. Working together with governments, allows her and the entire team to influence and educate mainstream entrepreneurs on the dangers growing below our feet.
Lily Van Hende
Country Manager Europe (SwiftComply)
Stephen has worked for Southern Water as a Network Protection and Enforcement Officer for the past four years. He was specifically recruited to work on the FOG & Unflushable Project. This project focuses on Food Service Establishments and assists investigations into sewer blockages, internal and external flooding, pollutions, and illegal connections. Stephen gathers evidence, investigates issues, and enforces compliance standards. As part of this role, he connects with major national and international Food Service Establishments. He has also worked with colleagues from the grease contractors industry to deal with the issue of FOG at a higher level, ensuring a consistent approach across those companies.
Stephen Edwards
Network Protection and Enforcement (Southern Water)
Andrew Cartwright
Waste Water Source Control and Licensing National Manager (Irish Water)


Stories from the 2019 summit

We heard inspiring case studies from all over the world, including:

Cassandra Mac, who runs the Tempe Grease Cooperative, Arizona, US, a unique partnership between haulers, restaurants, local authorities, and utilities.
Cassandra Mac
Barry Orr, outreach and control inspector, City of London, Canada, whose community hasn’t had a FOG-related sewer blockage in four years, thanks to his customer engagement programme.
Barry Orr
Taco van der Meer, who founded the Albus Hotel in Amsterdam city centre. The Albus is the first hotel in Europe to produce no CO2.
Taco van der Meer


We’re always looking for new ways to tackle FOG from the latest technology to stop FOG reaching the sewers in the first place, to innovative methods for recovery and reuse and new ways to keep customers informed and engaged. We can’t wait to hear about the unique ways in which speakers all over the world are fighting FOG and changing the way we work. 

New research

At the 2019 summit, lecturer Tom Curran, from University College Dublin, discussed some fascinating research which is providing in-depth analysis of the most significant challenges in FOG management. Tom stressed the need to see closer collaboration between academia and industry, and that is what our 2020 summit is all about, providing the platform to share ideas and learn together.

2019 feedback


We believe that bringing people together to share ideas, knowledge and experiences is an important step towards solving challenge of Fat, Oil & Grease across the EU. We are grateful to Waternet for hosting the EU FOG summit for its second year and look forward to an informative and enlightening event

Mick O'Dwyer | SwiftComply Co-founder

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4th – 5th March | Waternet, Amsterdam

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