A business-friendly approach to inspections and compliance

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Use our dynamic data for more targeted resource management and better environmental outcomes

Develop relationships

SwiftComply is all about building trust and transparency.


Our platform facilitates a modern, dynamic approach to inspection programs in which government and businesses have equal access to data and knowledge. This openness strengthens relationships and allows regulators to easily and objectively interact with large groups of hospitality businesses.

Improve effectiveness of inspection programs

With thousands of restaurants and very few administrators and inspectors, running inspection programs can be expensive and difficult to manage. Information stored on FSE’s compliance management practices quickly becomes out of date. This creates a real challenge when it comes to optimum allocation of resources.


SwiftComply provides real-time visibility of compliance management status by monitoring and recording activity so that precious resources can be applied when and where they’re most required. This also allows restaurants, who maintain good practice, to demonstrate regulatory compliance through business as usual.

Reduce administration and paperwork

The SwiftComply platform collects documents at the point of service and logs it to a FSE’s digital account. This removes the need to copy the paper document, add it to a file or enter details on a system. Instead, all the information is there on the database, available in just a few clicks.


SwiftComply is available to all FSEs and creating an account is easy. The database is dynamic cutting down on the amount of paperwork received by regulators and reducing the volume of data entry required.

Improve community outcomes

We give FSEs direct, online access to trusted service providers, making compliance services more accessible to them than ever. Easier access equals more regular use.


We also vet all service providers to make sure that they’ve got the right insurance, the right licences and the best quality operating procedures. The result is more FSEs using higher quality service providers, more regularly.


This means better practices and better use of community resources.  So it’s good news for citizens and good news for the environment.

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