SwiftComply makes selling compliance services easier

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SwiftComply partners with cities to bring grease-trap management online

Grow your business

Along with marketing your business to new customers, we’ll make it easy for your existing customers to continue using your services by offering them a 24/7 booking facility. When their next pump-out is due, we’ll remind them and make sure they book online.


So whilst we’re doing the customer acquisition work, you can focus on developing other parts of your business.

Get the recognition you deserve

You’ve worked hard to build a business that’s reliable, trustworthy and reputable and you’d like your customers to know it, right?


All grease pumpers that feature on our platform have passed our city approved vetting process. This means that restaurants using SwiftComply can be assured that your company is properly licensed and insured and that you’ll provide them with the best possible service.

So by featuring on our platform, you’ll boost your reputation whilst keeping your customers happy and reassured.

Effortless billing, payment and administration

Receiving prompt payment is crucial to successfully running your business and managing resources.  That’s why we’ve created an online payment system which guarantees you’ll receive funds on time, regularly.


We’ll also invoice your customers for you and save all relevant information regarding their services in their online file. Both you and your customers will be able to view and use this information as and when needed.


With SwiftComply you’ll never have to invoice customers, chase them for outstanding payments or send them duplicate waste documents again, leaving you with less stress and more time to run your business.