Data Migration

SwiftComply data migration process

Date Actions Owner
Week 1 Kickoff Call
1. Program manager walks SwiftComply account manager through
fields utilized in the  clients legacy system

2. We determine the length of historical data to import. Three years recommended, up to five years supported. 
Agency Program Manager + SwiftComply Account Manager 
Week 2 Legacy Data Export Call
1. A call is set-up between the agency IT department and SwiftComply account manager to export legacy system data

2. A local copy of the data may be stored on agency desktop
Agency IT contact + SwiftComply Account Manager 
Week 3 Test Data Setup
1. SwiftComply tenant is created and populated with a small amount of test data

2. Agency contacts invited to review data
SwiftComply Account Manager 
Week 3 Test Data Review Call
1. Agency SwiftComply users and SwiftCcomply Account Manager connect to confirm data approval or review change requests
SwiftComply Account Manager + Agency Users
Week 4 – 6 Full Data Import
1. SwiftComply populates with all agreed-upon historical data.

2. Agency approves data migration completion. 
SwiftComply Account Manager + Program Manager 

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