Value of Online Submissions

Value of Online Submission

1 – Save employee’s time -Reduce manual data entry  / Avoid contacting the pumper to double-check error/unreadable info.

2 – Reduce data entry errors

3 – Get pump-out manifest entered into the system faster (i.e. divide and conquer)

4 – Help pumper by reducing time and effort on their side too. Increase their own ROI.

5 – Enable online communication with FSE and Pumper; simpler, faster and cheaper than mail.

6 – Get every record saved, archived with audit trail and ready for print if necessary.

7 – Include pictures with the record.

8 – Easy export of information for reporting, such as total gallons collected, services by the provider, total pump-outs per year, etc.

9 – Automatic calculation of compliance based on the required pump out, the frequency and submitted reports

10 – Real-time snapshot of FSE pump out compliance to prioritize inspections. Take action based on the data rather than only using for historical reference. 

11 – Empowers FSEs to take control of their compliance through SwiftComply profile. They are the regulated businesses who need to be aware of their required pump out frequency and equipment condition. Their profile provides them access to the same details as regulators and providers. 

12 – Standardize required pump out manifest information collected. Providers and FSEs must complete the same form set by the regulator.

13 – Reduce the number of and time spent on in-person visits to check paper pump out records.

14 – Send email auto-notification pump out reminders based on submitted documents. 

15 – Increased oversight means less skipped services, less push back from FSEs to stay on schedule, and more $$ for providers.


Common objections:


I like to have manifest in paper to check inaccuracies or fraud

  • With online submission, you still have the ability to verify each manifest before being accepted. Also, you can ask to add a picture of the work done with a timestamp.


Pumpers prefer to use paper and are not tech-savvy

  • It is hard to find nowadays someone without a smartphone and/or unable to take a picture with the phone. SwiftComply’s user interface for the pumper can’t be simpler: one button to start. The manifest is mobile friendly and only shows step-by-step cells with the required information.


  • Many locally-based pumpers who are not ‘tech-savvy’ enjoy using SwiftComply as a free digital way to organize their historical pump outs and stay on schedule. They don’t have money or resources to purchase an outside system but do want to stay on top of their customer’s needs. 


  • Most national pumpers already have advanced tracking software and store their manifests digitally, so SwiftComply is a simple addition to their current workflow. 


Online will cut my (or my colleague’s) job

  • The person who is currently tasked to enter the data manually could use her time to help get more FSEs compliant. Her time is better spent on more important tasks and goals. For instance reaching out to non-compliant FSE, providing education and ongoing training to new FSEs/staff; increasing enforcement process and follow-up.


Pumpers don’t want to ‘tell’ on their customers by reporting details to the regulator. This is private information.

  • FSEs are welcome to ask their pumpers not to submit manifests (in most cases, when providers are not permitted). Instead, the FSE will have to submit themselves or face the regulator’s non-compliance process. 

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