SwiftComply - XC2

Tacoma WA

SwiftComply Virtual User Workshop

Meet with the minds behind SwiftComply to find out more about our journey and plans for the future. Get best practice tips and tricks from XC2 experts and hear from Bill Bernier Operator Certification and Training Section Manager at the Office of Drinking Water. Bill will be discussing the Washington ASR updates.


* Any questions or topics you would like us to cover during the workshop. Your questions can be related to specific challenges you are facing or more general themes you would like to see discussed.

About our user workshops

+  Connect with fellow industry professionals 

+  Receive best practices and expert tips to streamline your processes

+  Open forum discussion with peers and the SwiftComply team

+  Get a first-hand look at upcoming product updates 

Meet the SwiftComply team

Mick O'Dwyer
Founder & CEO
Bobbi Winterowd
Technical Product Manager
Bill Lease
XC2 Customer Success Manager

Workshop Agenda


SwiftComply Introduction- Mick O’Dwyer


SwiftComply Backflow Overview – Bobbi Winterowd


WA ASR Updates – Bill Bernier


XC2 Training/XC2 ASR Training – Bill Lease