Easy Restaurant Compliance

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Helping restaurants to make regulation compliance quick and easy.

Reduce restaurant inspections

A surprise inspection can not only ruin the positive atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create, but it can put extra pressure on staff. Being distracted by an inspection can result in delays taking orders, diners walking out, bad reviews and a loss in business.


But not if you use SwiftComply.


With us, you’re less likely to receive a surprise visit from the inspector because we keep you up-to-date with maintenance and compliance. We’ll remind you when an asset needs servicing, and when it’s done we’ll automatically send your paperwork to the inspector. This means they’ll know you’re on top of things. And that means less disruption to diners, less chance of fines and no negative impact on your reputation, leaving you to focus less on compliance and more on your business.

Eliminate paperwork

Does a backroom with paperwork stacked high sound familiar? Sifting through it trying to find the document you need when an inspector visits or accountant calls can be stressful.


Take the headache out of paperwork with SwiftComply.


When you use our platform, we’ll collect all the paperwork and hold all your important compliance information digitally, so it’s ready whenever you need it.


With us there’s no paperwork and no files, leaving you with more time, more space and less stress.

Choose trusted service providers

SwiftComply works with municipal organisations and water authorities to establish a code of best practice for service providers in your city.


All service providers who meet the code of best practice can join SwiftComply – giving you plenty of choice.


So, when you choose a service provider on our platform, you can be certain that they’re reputable and have all the right permits. That way, whether you choose to stay with the provider you already use or try someone new, you’ll have the peace of mind that they follow a code of best practice and that you’ll get great service every time.


It’s your job to create a great atmosphere and delicious food for your customers. It’s our job to give you more time to do that.


We take care of compliance so you can take care of business.