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Our fats, oils, and grease (FOG) program software is designed with one thing in mind – collaboration. Harness the power of your data to optimize your regulatory program and make better more informed decisions around your customers. 

Modern FOG Compliance Management-User Dashboard

You're in great company

Wastewater professionals across North America trust SwiftComply to support and enhance their FOG management programs.

Powerful and scalable

Give your team the knowledge and tools to proactively engage customers, develop shared solutions and innovate together.

Online FOG program software

Allow regulated businesses and providers to self-submit inspections reports. 

Automate manual time consuming tasks

Automate your most time consuming tasks and trigger timely and relevant notifications. 

Collaborate with your customers

Ensure your customers are interested, engaged, and ready to take action.

Features your team will love

FOG automation essentials

Online pump out report module


Enforcement module

“Something that took me an hour and a half to do in the past, is probably a 5 minute process now. Everything we need to know is now just one click away, and we can immediately drill down into the data. It's a tool that changed everything in that regard.”
Casey Nettles
Environmental Supervisor

Supercharge your FOG program

Create personalized customer campaigns

The key is engaging users directly and providing real value every time you interact. With SwiftComply, it is easy to create targeted campaigns that motivate your customers to stop fats, oils, and grease at the source.

Scale your outreach

Trigger timely and relevant communications that keep your customer engaged, informed, and ready to take action when required. With SwiftComply, it's easy to deliver personalized and timely notifications.

Empower your team

Utilize custom reports and dashboards to track FOG compliance in real-time. With SwiftComply, you can proactively address threats before they escalate.

The Fox Metro Water Reclamation District Logo
"SwiftComply has been a great asset to our compliance program. The system is customized to meet all of our needs, improving our efficiency significantly. The system not only helps us organize our program, but it also makes it easier for businesses to maintain compliance. It has certainly made a positive impact on our community."
Michael Tucker - Fox Metro
Michael Tucker
Fox Metro

SwiftComply FOG features

Manage your entire FOG compliance program from one system

Track all of your essential compliance metrics and gain valuable insights into the day-to-day running of your program. Automated compliance alerts ensure you receive timely and relevant information enabling you to address risks before they escalate.

All-in-one FOG Compliance Management
A mockup of the pump out screen on SwiftComply software

Track and manage pump out reports with ease

The online pump out module allows FSEs, service providers, and city users to upload pump out documents to your database. In addition, SwiftComply ensures your data is always up to date, giving you real-time compliance tracking. Pump outs can also be sorted by a range of filters and exported into reports.

Streamline your inspection process with digital templates

Your team can utilize inspection templates that can be edited at any time, ensuring your system is always up to date. You can also complete inspections from the field, and FSEs can access a customer portal with their inspection history and compliance notifications.

Streamline Inspections with digital templates
A mockup of the Enforcements page on the SwiftComply Software

Make it easy for your customers to maintain compliance

Utilize custom digital enforcement forms that FSEs can access through their customer portal. Enforcement forms are stored in your database and can be issued from the field, with digital signatures ensuring your FSEs are aware of the enforcement.

Download Guide: FOG Management Software Overview

Download a copy of our FOG overview to share with your colleagues.

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We're wastewater professionals like you. Our team includes former city employees, inspectors, and technologists passionate about helping you protect your community and the environment.

Personalized implementation plan

We will work with your team to understand your unique requirements and create a custom implementation plan.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to guides, and regional workshops.

End-user support

We will work with your users to help them simplify their permitting & compliance workflows.

Regular review of your program

Your Account Manager will empower you to continually optimize your use of SwiftComply, even as your core competencies evolve and new challenges emerge.

See how SwiftComply can simplify your FOG program

Experience a live customized demo, get answers to your questions and discover why SwiftComply is the right choice for your compliance program.