Helping FOG Program Managers do more with less 

Our Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Program Software is designed with one thing in mind – collaboration. Harness the power of your data to optimize your regulatory program and make better more informed decisions around your customers. 

Powerful and scalable

Give your team the knowledge and tools to proactively engage customers, develop shared solutions and innovate together.


Online FOG Program Software

Allow regulated businesses and providers to self-submit inspections reports. 

Automate complex and time consuming tasks

Automate manual time consuming tasks

Automate your most time consuming tasks and trigger timely and relevant notifications. 

Collaborate with your customers

Collaborate with your customers

Ensure your customers are interested, engaged and ready to take action.

Features your team will love

FOG Automation Essentials

Online Pump-Out Report Module

Inspection Module

Enforcement Module

You’re in great company 

Over 450 cities across North America choose SwiftComply to support and enhance their compliance program. 

Charlotte Water
City of Dallas
The City of San Diego
San Francisco Water
JEA - Northeast Florida Water
San Jose Water Company
City of Houston
City of Forth Worth
Seattle Public Utilities
"The SwiftComply account has been a very helpful tool to keep track of the interceptor pump-out compliance. It was easier to get the FSE's to create their accounts and the launch of the program was far more successful than I had anticipated. The SwiftComply team has been very helpful and very efficient. I am extremely pleased with our decision to go with SwiftComply for our FOG program."
April Garza
City of Handford

Scale Your Engagement

Our FOG Management Software is all about collaboration. Trigger timely and relevant communications that keep your customer engaged, informed, and ready to take action when required. With SwiftComply, it’s easy to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

Create personalised customer campaigns

No matter the number of regulated businesses that you manage, it is never easy to grab their attention. It takes a lot of persistent effort to grab their attention. The key to achieving long-term behavioral change is engaging users directly and providing real value every time you interact. With SwiftComply, it is easy to create targeted campaigns that motivate your customers to stop Fats Oils and Grease at its source.

Empower Your Team

Utilize real-time reports and dashboards to track your compliance program in real-time. SwiftComply gives your team the ability to address threats to the network proactively while freeing up time to develop new core competencies.

"SwiftComply has been a great asset to our compliance program. The system is customized to meet all of our needs, improving our efficiency significantly. The system not only helps us organize our program, but it also makes it easier for businesses to maintain compliance. It has certainly made a positive impact on our community."
Michael Tucker - Fox Metro
Michael Tucker
Fox Metro

SwiftComply FOG Features

FOG Automation Essentials 

Launch your Fats, Oil and Grease Ecosystem

With SwiftComply’s FOG Automation Essentials, you can track all of your essential compliance metrics and gain valuable insights into the day to day running of your program. Automated compliance alerts also ensure you receive timely and relevant information enabling you to prioritize high-risk areas and proactively address threats.

  • Live Compliance Tracking
  • Interactive Reports & Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Custom Properties

Online Pump-out Report Module

Track and Manage Pump-Out Reports With Ease

Our online pump-out module allows FSE’s, Service Providers, and City Users to all upload pump-out documents. The data is then synchronized and verified before being logged in your database. This feature ensures that your compliance tracking is always up to date, giving you a real-time view of compliance in your community. Pump outs can also be sorted by a range of filters and exported into reports for more in-depth analysis.

  • Flexible Pump-out Forms
  • Pump-out Due Notifications
  • Archive of FSE Pump-Out Records

Inspection Module

Digitize Your Inspection Processes

SwiftComply’s FOG inspection module allows you to digitize your inspection forms. Your team can utilize multiply inspection templates for a variety of tasks. Inspection forms can also be edited at any time, ensuring that the system grows with the needs of your program. Inspections can be completed in-app from the field and can even include a digital signature. FSE’s have full access to their inspection history, making it easier to follow compliance instructions, and keep track of actions taken.

  • Custom Inspection Forms
  • Mobile Inspection App
  • Auto-Generated Inspection Reports

Enforcement Module

A Better Way to Enforce Compliance

The enforcement module allows you to create customizable digital enforcement forms that FSE’s can access through their online profile. Each enforcement is stored in your database, which can be accessed by City Regulators and FSE’s. Enforcements can be issued from the field, and digital signatures ensure that FSE’s are aware of the enforcement, increasing compliance overall. By assigning an Enforcement Status, cities can quickly search for active or overdue enforcements.

  • Custom FSE Registration Website
  • FSE Risk Classification
  • Issue Enforcements From the Field
  • Mobile/Tablet Friendly Inspection
  • Live Compliance Tracking
  • Interactive Reports & Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Unlimited Users
  • Automatic Security Upgrades
  • Data Conversion & Import
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support
  • Personalised on-boarding
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Live Training & Resources

Ready to do more with less?

Automate repetitive tasks, access real-time reports and collaborate with your customers for more proactive FOG Program Management.