Helping utility managers do more with less 

Quickly modernize your compliance program with our industry-leading solutions. SwiftComply gives your team more visibility and control while automating many of your most time-consuming tasks.

Take control of your compliance program

Online report submissions

Allow your pumpers/testers to submit digital reports directly to the city database.

Automate complex and time consuming tasks

Automate time consuming tasks

Automate time-consuming tasks and trigger timely and relevant emails & notifications.

Unlock the power of your data

Unlock the power of your data

Access interactive dashboards and reports to get powerful insights.

Integrate your current tools

Integrate your third party systems within your SwiftComply ecosystem.

Comply with state regulations

Future proof your compliance program from increasingly complex regulations.

Utilise our team of experts

Utilize our team of experts

Work with our team of experts to optimise your FOG Program.

Your in great company 

Over 450 cities across North America choose SwiftComply to support and enhance their programs. 

Including nine of the twenty biggest cities in the USA

"SwiftComply has been a great asset to our compliance program. The system is customized to meet all of our needs, improving our efficiency significantly. The system not only helps us organize our program, but it also makes it easier for businesses to maintain compliance. It has certainly made a positive impact on our community."
Michael Tucker
Fox Metro

FOG Management

Fox Metro Revolutionise How They Interact With Their Customers

Fox Metro set about improving its operational efficiency by upgrading how they record and track inspections and FSE details.

"We are delighted with the launch of the SwiftComply platform. What took me 2-3 days before, now only takes me 2-3 hours. With SwiftComply's new methods, 40-80 hours of manual labor each month is now boiled down to 30 minutes a day"
Cassandra Mac
City of Tempe

Backflow Prevention

Houston increases compliance by 25% after moving their program online

The City of Houston revolutionised how they maintain compliance. 

“SwiftComply is not just a data management program, it is so much more. Its IT, its customer service, its asset management, its marketing/outreach, and the list just goes on.”
Tyler Patterson
City of Bend

Working with us 

We’re a team within your team

SwiftComply is not just an online platform. We work as an extension of your team to help you get the most out of your investment.

Personalised on-boarding plan

Our team will hold discovery calls to understand your city’s requirements and guide you through the implementation process. 

A dedicated customer success manager

You’ll know who to reach out to directly with questions or feedback, and they’ll already have knowledge of your program.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to videos and regional user workshops. 

Take the next step

Arrange a discovery call or book a demo to see how SwiftComply can support and enhance your compliance program. 

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