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SwiftComply streamlines fat, oil, and grease (FOG) programs by developing collaborative relationships between government and businesses.

Bridging the gap between business
and government

Our platform has been designed with one thing in mind – collaboration. SwiftComply instantly streamlines your FOG management programme in one central place making it easy for your team to develop deeper relationships which benefit your city.


FOG Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Connect effortlessly with food businesses on a single platform.

FOG Online Manifest Upload

Online Manifest Upload

Run your FOG programme seamlessly from the cloud

FOG Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

Encourage real-time collaboration, transparency, and accountability across your city

FOG Programme Management

Programme Management

Get tips and advice from our team of FOG experts

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Collaborate in ways you never thought possible


"We are delighted with the launch of the SwiftComply platform. So many FSE's are engaging with us. I am very excited because our members are taking ownership of their services"
Cassandra Mac
City of Tempe
"Before we met SwiftComply we thought our only option was to spend more time cleaning the sewers. Now we use SwiftComply to get much better data and our team is working smarter not harder."
Jeroen de Boer
Jeroen de Boer​
Waternet Water Company ​

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Whether your FOG program is still in its infancy or well established, we offer you an end to end solution that automates manual tasks and ensures long-term behavioural change throughout the foodservice industry.

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