Advanced stormwater management software

Designed by certified stormwater professionals for program managers, inspectors, and compliance professionals. Phase 1 and phase 2 local government permittees can benefit from modern technology and customized implementation to meet specific state and federal requirements.

Turnkey solution for all
six MS4 control measures

1. Public Education & Outreach

Create custom audiences for targeted communication. With SwiftComply Stormwater’s powerful email system, you can track open and click rates, and learn exactly the impact your communications are having on your MS4.

2. Public Participation

Schedule, invite and record public education events such as storm drain stenciling, booths at community events, and classes you put on. Create the event, send the invitations, take photos, and record your public engagement activity.

3. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

Record IDDE inspections independently or record them while performing another type of inspection in the application. With SwiftComply Stormwater’s full mapping capability, you can quickly see IDDE hot spots and how they relate to one another and to your MS4’s outfalls.

4. Management of Construction Site Runoff

Perform construction inspections both as the oversight agency as well as the CESCL. SwiftComply Stormwater keeps you informed on the issues being tackled in the field by your staff and the private contractors operating in your municipality.

5. Management of Post-Construction Site Runoff

Track inspections of individual storm structures, industrial sites, and business/operational inspections. The platform also allows you to track your inspection numbers against oversight agency requirements or your own internal goals.

6. Good Housekeeping in Municipal Operations

Our Good Housekeeping module allows you to manage and track municipal contracts for storm drain cleaning, street sweeping, or any other good housekeeping action you are taking.

Trusted by over 400 cities across North America

We help stormwater teams of all sizes maximize program compliance.

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Your all-in-one stormwater solution

SwiftComply Stormwater was designed with help from stormwater managers to create a system that delivers a comprehensive suite of tools in a simple, intuitive, and organized interface. The result is an easy-to-use, extremely robust application that will quickly earn a prominent spot in your MS4 toolbox.


We provide one-on-one training and custom data integration with each account.


Encrypted cloud-based storage and redundant off-site backups to protect your data.


Gain real-time access to documents and photos from anywhere, on any device.


Total management of all six MS4 control measures within one system.


  • Storage of contact information for each site/representative within inspectors region
  • Entry of inspection information from the field for each site
  • Storage of information regarding vendors in the region
  • Formatting of reports for delivery to oversight organization – Department of Ecology and/or EPA
  • Identification of storm components based on visible features
  • Creation of maintenance schedules based on identification function
  • Storage/cataloging of miscellaneous documents for sites
  • Creation of violation/enforcement documentation
  • Cataloging of history for each site
  • Direct-link between inspector and site owner/representative’s data, as controlled by site owner/representative

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