User-friendly backflow management software that cuts your admin time in half

SwiftComply automates backflow program admin so you can focus on protecting our drinking water. Go from data to decisions in seconds.

You're in great company

Over 400 cities across North America trust SwiftComply to support and enhance their compliance programs

Online report submission

Say goodbye to paper and endless hours of admin by allowing testers to upload reports directly to the city database with automatic and/or manual pass/fail verification.

Streamline your compliance process

Manage your program anywhere from any device connected to the internet, and leverage the power of automated notifications.

Track backflow compliance in real-time

Get personalized and deeper insights with interactive dashboards to prioritize team activities.

Your backflow data is safe with SwiftComply

As industry leaders, we strive to provide the best in terms of data protection, and we are proud to announce that SwiftComply has earned a SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance Certification, one of the highest cybersecurity accolades that SaaS companies can achieve.  

Unite your team around one set of tools, data, and processes

Empower your team

Enjoy unlimited users and watch your entire team collaborate seamlessly around a common set of goals.

Online test submission

Submitting test reports electronically saves time, guarantees form completion, and allows the database to be updated automatically. Our user-friendly platform also makes it easier for testers to keep track of their test reports and status.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Our cloud-based platform makes your field team more productive by providing instant access to historical data that can be viewed through any connected device.

Access real-time reports and dashboards

Create your own workflow

Utilize custom dashboards for real-time reporting and in-depth analysis. Integrate your work with other systems such as Customer Care and Billing, and GIS.

Track backflow compliance in real-time

Real-time data analysis helps you take action, prioritize activities, and streamline processes.

Get a comprehensive view of your entire network

Track key backflow compliance metrics and increase your efficiencies across the entire process.

Safeguard the integrity and reliability of your data

Your data is always available

Our cloud-based solution allows you to access your backflow program data anytime, anywhere.

Keeping your program safe

Automatic software updates continually improve your system over time and safeguard it from external threats.

Data import and export

SwiftComply takes care of the data migration from legacy systems and third-party software for you. Our platform also allows you to export all of your data as a CSV file at any time.

Useful resources

Download Guide: Backflow software overview

Download a copy of our backflow overview to share with your colleagues.

On-Demand Webinar: Panel discussion on the response to Covid-19

Backflow professionals discuss how their compliance programs are responding to COVID-19.

Working with us 

Why SwiftComply? 

We're water professionals like you. Our team includes former city employees, inspectors, and technologists passionate about helping regulators protect their colleagues and the wider community. 

Personalized implementation plan

We will work with your team to understand your unique requirements and create a custom implementation plan.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to guides, and regional workshops.

End-user support

We will work with your users to help them simplify their permitting & compliance workflows.

Regular review of your program

Your CSM will empower you to continually optimize your use of SwiftComply, even as your core competencies evolve and new challenges emerge.

Get in touch with one of our experts

Arrange a consultation or book a demo to see how we can help you optimize your compliance program.