Backflow management software that maximizes your resources & simplifies compliance

Stop getting bogged down in manual data entry, spreadsheets, and unreliable data. SwiftComply automates your most time-consuming tasks & ensures your team is always working with verified up-to-date compliance data.

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You're in great company

Water professionals across North America trust SwiftComply to support and enhance their backflow prevention programs.

Let SwiftComply do the heavy lifting

New regulations, growing populations, and limited resources make managing a backflow compliance program more difficult than ever. With SwiftComply, you can stop trying to catch up and focus on managing your program proactively.

Proactively manage your program

Free up your time to identify and address issues before they escalate.

Boost compliance rates

Boost your compliance rates by keeping your team, testers and customers on track.

Reduce operational costs

Cut down on operational costs by automating your most labor-intensive tasks.

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"SwiftComply is a game changer for our backflow operations. The software automates our most time-consuming tasks and ensures we are working with accurate data. Their ongoing support has been invaluable, guiding us every step of the way."
Ahmad Cade
Backflow Manager, City of Atlanta

Your backflow data is safe with SwiftComply

As industry leaders, we strive to provide the best in terms of data protection, and we are proud to announce that SwiftComply has earned a SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance Certification, one of the highest cybersecurity accolades that SaaS companies can achieve.  

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User-friendly backflow software built by industry experts

Save time, reduce operational costs, and boost program compliance - even with limited resources.

Give your team a 360 view of compliance

SwiftComply gives you instant access to your compliance data, allowing you to monitor your backflow program in real-time and make informed decisions quickly.

Real-time tracking

Get personalized and deeper insights with interactive dashboards to prioritize team activities.

Compliance notifications

Stay up to date with timely notifications about test reports, tester credentials and test kit calibrations.

On-site surveys

Utilize mobile friendly surveys to gather information on site and instantly upload it to the city database.

Automate your most time-consuming & repetitive tasks

From coordinating inspections to tracking compliance, SwiftComply automates your labor intensive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Online report submission

Automate manual tasks like processing test results and generating follow-up notifications.

Verify your data accuracy

All of your test reports are automatically checked for accuracy using pass/fail criteria.

Tester reminders

Automatically remind testers about upcoming deadlines, such as submitting updated credentials or test-kit calibrations.

Generate custom reports to go from data to decisions in minutes

SwiftComply makes reporting a breeze. You can easily create custom reports to give your team all of the information they need to maximise compliance.

Interactive reports & dashboards

Utilize real-time reports and custom user dashboards for in-depth data analysis.

Custom fields

Custom fields adapt to your processes, enabling tailored rules like different testing schedules for commercial & residential backflows.

Data filters

Utilize filters to quickly review assemblies by specific hazard type or track different establishment sizes.

Make it easy for your water customers to stay compliant

Streamline your water customer and tester notifications and ensure they receive timely and relevant information that keeps your program on track.

Communications centre

Create custom templates and track all of your customer outreach from one location.

Regular compliance notices

Automatically generate & schedule compliance notices for your customers (mail, email and/or postcard).

Ad-hoc customer outreach

Easily generate ad-hoc emails or letters to follow up with customers on a specific compliance issue or task.

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"SwiftComply is the most stable, effective, and cost-effective tracking software I have used. My team loves it"
Justin Broderway
Section Supervisor, DeKalb County

Your guide to SwiftComply Backflow

Download a copy of our backflow overview to share with your colleagues.

Our industry experts are here to guide you every step of the way

We're water professionals like you. Our team includes former city employees, inspectors, and technologists passionate about helping you protect your community and the environment.

Personalized implementation plan

We will work with your team to understand your unique requirements and create a custom implementation plan.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to guides, and regional workshops.

End-user support

We will work with your users to help them simplify their permitting & compliance workflows.

Regular review of your program

Your Account Manager will empower you to continually optimize your use of SwiftComply, even as your core competencies evolve and new challenges emerge.

See how SwiftComply can simplify your Backflow program

Experience a live customized demo, get answers to your questions and discover why SwiftComply is the right choice for your compliance program.