Modern pretreatment management software, built by industry experts

SwiftComply makes it easy to adopt digital working methods and boost compliance with user-friendly features. CROMERR ready and meets all EPA-specific technology requirements.

Trusted by over 400 cities across North America

We help compliance teams of all sizes maximize program compliance and industrial user compliance. Our team has successfully helped over a dozen utilities achieve CROMERR program approval.

A 21st-century approach to pretreatment 

Managing a modern pretreatment program is challenging. More complex regulations and stricter data requirements make it difficult to streamline your workflows and maximize program and industrial user compliance.

With SwiftComply Pretreatment, you get a customizable solution that makes it easy to adopt digital ways of working and promote compliance among your industrial users.

Manage your entire program with one system

Manage your permits, inspections, and enforcement from one location – view in list/map format by industry or across a filtered set of industries.

Data is reportable, exportable, and mappable

Send industrial user notifications

Manage program staff and industrial user access & permissions

Pretreatment Custom Dashboard

Customize the system to suit your requirements

SwiftComply is designed from the ground up to be certifiably secure and integrate with external systems. Utilize custom dashboards and reports to anticipate risk and address issues before they escalate.

Custom dashboards

Customizable to local requirements

Seamless third-party data integration

Make it easy for your users to maintain compliance

Empower your users and improve data integrity by setting up electronic self-monitoring and permit management. IUs can register, update account info, and be assigned signatory/administrator permissions to give them more control.


Self-managed user accounts

Industrial user support & training

Pretreatment User Dashboard

Future proof your pretreatment program

With the right technology, your team can take a truly proactive approach when protecting your community. Use data to spot early warning signs, and collaborate with your users to prevent risk. SwiftComply has no technical debt and is built on a SOC2 certified secure platform.

Modern user-friendly software

Manage all of your program stakeholders with one complete solution, purpose built for pretreatment professionals.

Powerful automation capabilities

Automate reports, reminders and notifications to improve program efficiency and give your team more time to focus on critical tasks.

Actionable data insights

Get a complete 360 view of your program's data lifecycle and break down data silos for more actionable insights.

Useful resources

Download Guide: Pre-treatment Software Overview

Download a copy of our pretreatment overview to share with your colleagues.

On-Demand Webinar: Pretreatment Product Spotlight

Join Mick and Morgan to preview the release of SwiftComply Pretreatment.

Working with us 

Why SwiftComply? 

We’re pretreatment professionals like you. Our team includes former city employees, inspectors, and technologists passionate about helping regulators protect their colleagues and the wider community.

Personalized implementation plan

We will work with your team to understand your unique requirements and create a custom implementation plan.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to guides, and regional workshops.

End-user support

We will work with your pretreatment team and industrial users to help them simplify their permitting & compliance workflows.

Get in touch with one of our experts

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