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The three most common types of FOG programs

SwiftComply founder Mick O’Dwyer takes an in-depth look at the three most common types of FOG programs. Having worked with over 100 FOG managers across five countries, Mick has a unique understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you’re looking to improve your FOG program or set one up, then this is the webinar for you.

Working with your haulers to support your FOG program

Mick O’Dwyer looks at how cities are engaging with their haulers with a focus on initiatives like preferred pumper programs, grease cooperatives and permitting programs.​

The Interceptor Whisperer's Grease Interceptor Primer

Ken Loucks, aka the Interceptor Whisperer, looks at the evolution of grease interceptors, reviews the plumbing code and standards that govern them, and discusses how to appropriately size and select commercial grease interceptors.

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Every month we hold a live product webinar where we answer customer questions and talk all things SwiftComply

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