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SwiftSummit is a quarterly event hosted by SwiftComply. It is an opportunity for the Swift-community to come together to share news, insights and experiences, and provide user training on these features.

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May 11th, 2021

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FOG videos

Choose from one of the categories below to find webinars, trainings, and panels hosted by FOG Leaders across the country!

The Future of FOG with Mick O’Dwyer

CEO and Co-Founder of SwiftComply Michael O’Dwyer explains what the future of FOG regulation looks like, and what you can do to keep your program current.

Doing More With Less: Inspecting GI’s With Barry Orr

City of London Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector Barry Orr (AKA Captain FOG) shares how FOG compliance and inspections can result in a significant reduction of FOG in your sewer system.

The Purpose and Importance of FOG Inspectors

Larry Ryder, Watershed FOG Inspector for Dekalb County GA, shares his vast personal knowledge on the importance of educating and informing the public about environmental compliance.

How Wastewater professionals are responding to COVID-19 – Panel Q&A

We are currently living through a period of uncertainty that has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. For wastewater professionals, there are other concerns that could impact your ability to provide essential services. With this in mind, we invited FOG industry professionals to join us for a live webinar panel to discuss how their compliance programs are responding to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

How To Buy Technology For Your FOG Program

Program managers and inspectors often see the value in implementing new technologies to push their wastewater compliance forward but hit a wall when trying to convince upper management of the need. Lauren Huey, VP Customer Success at SwiftComply some of our customers were able to overcome these challenges and modernize their FOG programs.

The Three Most Common Types Of FOG Programs

SwiftComply founder Mick O’Dwyer takes an in-depth look at the three most common types of FOG programs. Having worked with over 100 FOG managers across five countries, Mick has a unique understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you’re looking to improve your FOG program or set one up, then this is the webinar for you.

Working with your haulers to support your FOG program

Mick O’Dwyer looks at how cities are engaging with their haulers with a focus on initiatives like preferred pumper programs, grease cooperatives and permitting programs.​

The Interceptor Whisperer’s Grease Interceptor Primer

Ken Loucks, aka the Interceptor Whisperer, looks at the evolution of grease interceptors, reviews the plumbing code and standards that govern them, and discusses how to appropriately size and select commercial grease interceptors.

Email Notifications Deep Dive

Join SwiftComply Customer Success Specialist Sophie Schmidt as she covers all of the automatic email notification settings within your SwiftComply FOG system.

SwiftComply FOG: 101 Guide

SwiftComply FOG 101. The perfect video if you are just getting started with SwiftComply FOG. Learn how to search and navigate the site from beginning to end.

SwiftComply FOG: Admin Settings

SwiftComply Customer Success Specialist Sophie explains all of the settings available to SwiftComply Admin users. Discover how to create custom properties and edit the essential forms in your system.

Food Service Establishment Permits

Join SwiftComply FOG Product Owner Betsy Hansen as she covers the brand new FSE permitting feature, available for our SwiftComply FOG customers now!

One-time messages + scheduled inspections

In this update we review how to send one-time messages, scheduling inspections, and take a look at the updated enforcements schedule.

Edit pump outs + maintain an approved provider list

In this product update, we take a look at the new features for city regulators, including how to edit pump-outs, making properties required, and maintaining a digital approved provider list.

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We will be scheduling more live webinars throughout 2021

Our live webinars are all about providing a platform to share ideas and learn together. Be sure to get in touch if you have a topic you would like us to cover.

Backflow videos

Our backflow webinar library contains trainings, tips and tricks for our cloud based backflow software SwiftComply Backflow , and XC2 backflow software. Select from one of the categories below.

Why you should care about Cross Connection Control with Ray Ann Brammer

Water Quality Legal Specialist Ray Ann Brammer discusses the importance of Cross Connection Control from a legal perspective. Hear first hand why Cross Connection Control is a vital service.

Assembly Test Schedule Webinar Panel

SwiftComply hosted Cross Connection superstars Kristine Mamqvist, Joanie S. Hartley, and Mark Kneibel to discuss how they regulate their assembly test schedules.

Backflow Testing:
The value of online submissions

We invited Paula Schlegel and Stephen Rochester to take us through their backflow programs and discuss some of the reasons they adopted online test entry. We also look at the biggest challenges they faced when moving online and how they overcame these for a successful implementation.

SwiftComply Backflow: Queries and Reporting Options II

There was so much to cover we made a sequel! Complete your course on searching, querying, and reporting in SwiftComply Backflow.

SwiftComply Backflow:
Queries and Reporting Options

Join SwiftComply Product Owner Bobbi Winterowd as she describes the options available to you for searching, querying, and reporting in SwiftComply Backflow.

SwiftComply Backflow:
101 Guide

Brand new to using SwiftComply Backflow? Join Customer Success Specialist Sophie Schmidt as she covers the basics of using your new cloud based backflow system.

SwiftComply Backflow: Communications Deep Dive

Hear from the Product Manager herself, Bobbi Winterowd as she covers a deep dive into the communications functions available in SwiftComply Backflow. This live webinar will allow you to ask questions and see SwiftComply Backflow in action.

XC2Live! Essentials

XC2Live! Product expert Zach Lehrer spends an hour covering the most essential functions in XC2Live! along with answering our live audiences questions.

XC2 Training:
Letters and Notices

Join XC2 expert Zach Lehrer as he explains the ins and outs of letters and notices within your XC2 system. This training is part of our monthly XC2 training series.

XC2 Training:
Special Operations

Zach is back in our monthly XC2 training series. In this video Zach covers the special operations available in your XC2 database. Watch to listen in on our audience questions as well.

XC2 Training:
Searching, Exports and Reports

XC2 expert Bill Lease leads this monthly training webinar, and covers all of the searching, exporting and reporting options available in your XC2 database.

XC2 Backflow:
101 Guide

If you’re new to XC2 Backflow then this is the video for you! Join product expert Zach Lehrer as he covers all of the basics and gets you ready to start using XC2.

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