SwiftComply joins the Lucity Partner Program

We are pleased to announce that SwiftComply has officially joined the Lucity partner program. This partnership is based on our shared company philosophies to build effective products and provide exceptional user support. Check out the full list of partners.

About Lucity
Lucity offers a comprehensive suite of integrated COTS software solutions for Public Works that enables agencies to meet their demands for the management of assets, customer requests and work orders, preventative maintenance, resources and inventory, best practices and regulatory compliance. That’s a lot. And they offer flexible GIS integration. However, Lucity realized their customers have unique problems and one company can’t be an expert in every field. To take care of these varying needs, Luity has curated a robust partner network of businesses to provide tailored solutions, and SwiftComply is the newest member.

Why join?
When SwiftComply launched in the United States less than a year ago, we dove right in and listened to countless program managers to understand the myriad of obstacles they face. Our team has worked and re-worked our agile product to create the best FOG data management solution, but want to better support teams that need help outside of FOG, or don’t quite fall under our areas of expertise. This is where Lucity comes in as the perfect partner. We are confident our customers will have a positive experience working with Lucity, and the feeling is mutual.

When do we hang out?
You’ll see Lucity and SwiftComply together at regional user group meetings sessions and industry events. If you happen to be in Washington lets chat next week:

Wednesday, May 23rd
Northwest Region User GroupMeeting

Redmond, WA

Thursday, May 24th
Northwest Region User Group Meeting
Vancouver, WA

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