Our Story

“We believe that proving regulatory compliance should be easy and free for responsible businesses and we’re committed to going above and beyond to make it that way”

Michael O’Dwyer

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Vs the Fatbergs

There’s something sinister lurking underground. They’re big, bold and they cost cities and businesses millions of dollars a year to remove. Meet the fatbergs, congealed masses of fat, oil and grease. They are the cholesterol that blocks our sewer systems and silently constrict wastewater flow.

A bright idea from the depths of the sewer

Michael O’Dwyer, our CEO, started his working life as an engineer setting up a fat, oil and grease regulatory program for food businesses in Dublin. It was then that he saw how overly-paper based, time consuming and inefficient this process was. Witnessing first-hand how the regulatory system frustrated both restaurant owners and the enforcing city officials, he looked for a technology that could digitize the process and improve fractious relationships. There was none, so he set about building it himself. The result was SwiftComply, the world’s first real-time business-friendly restaurant compliance platform.

From fighting Fatbergs to fighting the cost of compliance

Michael needed a team. He picked technologists, environmentalists and business specialists who also happen to love food (yes, we do exist)!

Together, we’re dedicated to reducing the cost of kitchen compliance. We do this improving relations between cities and businesses encouraging trust, transparency and a more efficient system.

And when we’re not eliminating the costs of compliance, we’re eating out and enjoying the restaurants we’re trying to help comply.

Our Team

SwiftComply Team Photo

The story so far

Our platform connects kitchens, service providers and regulators to make compliance easy.

To our US office in California

Early in 2017, we were delighted to be given High Potential Start-Up status by Enterprise Ireland.  We also won Bank of Ireland’s StartUp of the Year Award and were overjoyed to be awarded a substantial grant from the Horizon2020 program run by the EU to test our solution in Europe.  We opened an office in the US in the summer of 2017 to be closer to our US customers.

We recently commissioned our own copy of Nathan Wright’s The Adventures of Fatberg.  If you would like a copy, please get in touch.

From our home town in Dublin, Ireland

We started in Dublin, in the Liberties, the home of Irish whiskey in 2016.  That summer, we were accepted into the prestigious London TechStars programme and started the serious business of turning what we knew was a good idea into a real business.  In October, we were delighted to be awarded a 4 year contract to provide the technology platform for Irish Water’s FOG inspection service.  In December we were finalists (landing the highly commended award) in the Water Dragons competition run by the Future Water Association.

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