Atlanta revolutionizes their backflow program

With Ahmad Cade, Backflow Manager at the City of Atlanta (GA)

Saved over 60 hours a week in administrative tasks

Improved data accuracy, reducing the need for edits

Identified and reactivated dormant accounts


The City of Atlanta’s backflow team faced an ever-growing problem. With two full-time administrators spending most of their time on manual, repetitive tasks, they were constantly playing catch up, and many non-compliant customers were left in the dark about crucial updates.

Ahmad and his team were looking for a backflow management solution that would not only automate their tedious tasks but also provide them with reliable, up-to-date compliance data.


Before SwiftComply, the team was becoming increasingly bogged down in manual tasks. Their previous system had become a bottleneck and no longer fit for purpose. Two administrators spent 30 hours a week processing test results and generating notifications.

Two of our admins were spending 30 hours a week on manual tasks with the rest of their time spent handling customer calls

Ensuring they were working with correct data has also become increasingly difficult. Testers often submit data with missing credentials or mismatched assembly serial numbers. Each error meant halting the process, reaching out, and resolving the issue, adding further delays to an already overburdened system.

Customer communication was another major hurdle. “At times, we were sending out 100 notices, only to get 50 returned,” Ahmad says. The team was pouring their time and energy into initiatives with minimal impact. This inefficiency was symptomatic of a system no longer serving their program’s needs.

At times, we were sending out 100 notices, only to get 50 returned


Ahmad and his team were looking for a user-friendly solution that would make their program more efficient and allow them to take a proactive approach to compliance.

As part of this, they knew they had to improve their lines of communication with their customers and ensure they were working with reliable, up-to-date data.


With SwiftComply, countless hours of admin time spent manually entering data was eradicated. The software validated tester details in real-time, reducing errors and eliminating the constant back-and-forth with testers.

Field personnel could now update records on the fly, ensuring real-time data accuracy, and bridging the gap between data collection and entry. This also helped improve customer communications and ensured customers were promptly informed about upcoming compliance requirements.

SwiftComply’s intuitive interface was a game-changer. All essential information was available on a single page, eliminating the tedious navigation through multiple pages. The system’s built-in error prompts and GIS-like engine flagged inconsistencies instantly, further refining the quality of their records.

Implementation & Support

Transitioning to SwiftComply was a significant undertaking for Atlanta’s backflow team. But with SwiftComply’s structured approach and clear roadmap, the journey was smooth. “The training and support was great. Organizing calls and getting answers was very easy,” Ahmad notes.

A clear calendar outlining tasks and milestones was set, providing the team with a roadmap for the transition. Regular communication, including meetings and open email and phone lines, ensured that any concerns or questions were promptly addressed.

Unexpected benefits emerged during the implementation. During the transition, the team unearthed dormant accounts that had been missed. The process allowed these accounts to be reactivated and made compliant, a testament to the importance of thorough data analysis.

SwiftComply’s support was proactive, especially during challenges like data cleanup.

The SwiftComply team was committed to helping us succeed at every stage of the transition.


  • Automated over 60 hours a week of administrative tasks.
  • Improved data accuracy, reducing the need for edits.
  • Identified and reactivated dormant accounts.
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"SwiftComply is a game changer for our backflow operations. The software automates our most time-consuming tasks and ensures we are working with accurate data. Their ongoing support has been invaluable, guiding us every step of the way."
Ahmad Cade
Backflow Manager

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