DeKalb County saves 80 hours a week in admin tasks with SwiftComply Backflow

With Justin Broaderway, Section Supervisor at DeKalb County (GA)

Save 80 hours a week automating manual tasks

Reporting process is now over 90% accurate

Cities testers are much happier with the new system


When regulators first approach us, they’ve usually reached a point where their compliance process is no longer fit for purpose, and they know they need to change something!

And the team at Dekalb County was no different!

They were burdened with a cumbersome and outdated system that hindered their ability to effectively manage compliance in their county. Section Supervisor Justin Broderway and his team were eager for a cost-effective solution that would better support their needs and provide a comprehensive view of compliance in their county.


Before implementing SwiftComply, DeKalb County’s compliance reporting process was extremely time-consuming. Testers sent physical test reports to an email inbox, which had to be manually uploaded into their system.

This labor-intensive process required two full-time administrators working 80 hours a week, a significant drain on the team’s resources that Justin knew was unsustainable. The manual nature of this process also meant that it was much more prone to data entry errors.

Their existing software was inadequate and did not provide a clear view of compliance in their county, making it difficult to properly analyze the data and take a proactive approach to compliance issues.


The team at DeKalb County wasn’t just looking for a new software solution; they were seeking a transformation.

They aimed to dramatically improve their compliance process, reduce the administrative workload, and implement a reliable and cost-effective solution. “Our overall goal was to run a smooth operation,” said Justin, emphasizing the team’s desire for efficiency and simplicity.

Our overall goal was to run a smooth operation


With SwiftComply Backflow, the DeKalb County team found a modern, stable, cost-effective tracking software that streamlined their compliance reporting process.

Justin appreciated the backflow dashboard, noting that it “shines a light on the true number of incomplete locations.” He added, “Having that right there and being able to track locations in real-time has been great.”

The ability to enter test results on-site marked an improvement, reducing confusion when visiting sites that were overdue for inspection. Moreover, once a significant pain point, the reporting process is now believed to be 90% accurate.

SwiftComply shines a light on the true number of incomplete locations. Having that right there and being able to track locations in real time has been great.

Implementation & Support

The transition to SwiftComply was smooth, and the Customer Success team was responsive to any questions or concerns throughout the process. The team found it easy to import and adjust their data as needed.

Overall, the team at DeKalb County appreciated the regular check-ins and found the process comprehensive. Having someone on hand, they could contact and know would answer their queries made them feel like they had a strong partner.


SwiftComply has helped DeKalb County operate more smoothly and effectively. Some of their key results include:

  • 80 hours a week in time savings through automated administrative work.
  • 90% accuracy in their reporting process
  • The software has proven to be cost-effective, aligning with DeKalb County’s long-term goals of efficient and sustainable operations.
  • Much happier testers reporting high levels of satisfaction with DeKalb County’s new system
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"SwiftComply is the most stable, effective, and cost-effective tracking software I have used. My team loves it"
Justin Broderway
Section Supervisor

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