An Inspiring Week at the Bluetech Forum: Innovation with Impact

As I write this, I’m still buzzing from a whirlwind week at the heart of Scotland’s stunning capital. Edinburgh played host to this year’s Bluetech Forum, and the theme, “Innovation with Impact”, resonated throughout the week, sparking a whirl of ideas, conversations, and memorable experiences.

Our welcome was nothing short of grand, held within the historic Edinburgh Castle’s stone walls. Imagine standing in a fortress rich in history, feeling the inspiring pull of centuries past, and looking towards the future of our blue planet. This was a perfect kickoff, setting the tone for a forum built on the foundational blocks of innovation and legacy.

One of the many highlights of the forum was the “Innovation for Impact” box sprints. The event challenged 24 teams to brainstorm and cultivate ideas across six impact areas. The result? A nurturing platform for novel concepts, team spirit, and the true embodiment of the forum’s theme. The energy was infectious, a testament to the passion of those working in this sector.

The social elements of the forum were far from the ordinary. One evening we found ourselves immersed in the warmth of traditional Scottish music and dance while savoring a selection of local whiskeys at the National Museum of Scotland. The event encapsulated the essence of Scottish culture beautifully and provided a refreshing balance to our packed itinerary.

In a surprisingly delightful twist, we engaged in a Water Sommelier experience. Here, we had the chance to taste five different types of water, and to everyone’s amusement, we found Scottish tap water to be our clear favorite!

The forum also offered us an exclusive preview of the riveting “A Blue World” documentary. The piece beautifully encapsulated the theme of the forum and left us with thought-provoking insights and a sense of collective responsibility towards our planet.

Catching up with familiar faces from Xylem, Burnt Island Ventures, Daupler, Nline Energy, Zwitterco, and Aclarity was a heartwarming part of the week. It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with friends who share our passion for innovation and the blue tech industry. Plus, we got to expand our network and made some incredible new connections.

As we waved goodbye to Edinburgh, we left feeling more inspired and motivated than ever. The Bluetech Forum was a celebration of innovative minds coming together for impactful changes, encapsulating the phrase ‘Innovation with Impact’ beautifully. It’s safe to say we are eagerly anticipating what next year’s forum has in store for us!