SwiftComply Launches Next-gen Backflow Program Software

SwiftComply is announcing today the successful commercial launch of SwiftComply Backflow, its game-changing platform for backflow program management.

Current backflow management solutions present unnecessary challenges to water purveyors. Too much manual data entry, siloed applications that can’t talk to each other, and poor data reliability are just a few of several issues commonly faced by backflow managers. This is a delicate situation, as a single faulty assembly can contaminate the water supply for thousands of people.

By digitizing and automating the process, SwiftComply Backflow addresses these challenges while unlocking new possibilities for backflow management. Water customers can book and pay for their tests online. Certified testers complete their test reports on any mobile device, with pictures included. City staff can review in real-time and approve them electronically. State reports are generated automatically. SwiftComply Backflow creates an end-to-end streamlined process.

“We believe backflow managers shouldn’t have to waste so much of their time on paperwork and bureaucracy, they should be able to concentrate their effort on strategies to improve compliance. That’s what motivated us to develop SwiftComply Backflow. Our platform takes manual, repetitive tasks out of the water purveyor’s hands, allowing them to focus on the protection of our most precious resource.”

Mick O’Dwyer, CEO
SwiftComply Backflow dashboard mobile
SwiftComply Backflow dashboard

Better compliance is the result of better collaboration between the water purveyor, water customers, and certified testers. With SwiftComply Backflow, user experience is dramatically improved for all stakeholders, which provides a positive impact to the local community.

“Over 30 cities — managing anything from 600 to 60,000 backflow assemblies — have signed up over the last 3 months, including several already in full production. We have created a dedicated implementation team to meet demand as we plan 400 cities will have adopted this next-generation platform by 2022. This is good news for water customers, local businesses, and water purveyors.”

Lauren Huey, Vice President, Customer Success

Join them and see how we can help you modernize and optimize your compliance program.