Digital Transformation Strategy

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Your three-step process for developing digital excellence 

As cities continue to grow at a rapid pace and regulatory requirements become more complex, compliance managers are facing a wide range of interconnected challenges with insufficient resources. 

Against this backdrop, an array of new technologies have arrived to help compliance managers harness the full power of the information at their disposal. More and more water utilities are looking online to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their compliance program and drive operational excellence.  

Of course, any new technology presents challenges and opportunities, and it’s vital to follow a well thought out implementation plan. At SwiftComply, we have developed a three-step digitization process to help our backflow customers transform their system and make the most of their investment.

Phase 1 – Moving your program online

By moving your program online, you can enhance your existing systems. We will create a custom portal for your testers to upload their reports directly to the city database. The new system will automate your most time-consuming processes while instantly improving the reliability and accuracy of your data. With SwiftComply, the City of Houston was able to raise compliance by half quickly. The city was even able to introduce a processing fee for each backflow test uploaded online, which is now fully funding its program. Having an integrated system and a comprehensive view of your entire network will give your team the ability to respond to future challenges proactively.

Phase 2 – Streamlining your communications 

An effective communication network is a foundational element for any utility looking to digitize their processes. As the regulatory landscape continues to become more complex and pressures mount, backflow managers need to make every dollar count. By streamlining your communications with your entire network, you can take advantage of more opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our system allows you to send various types of communications directly from the system, including customer letters and notices.

Phase 3 – Building your capabilities 

Utilities small and large often struggle to integrate multiple data streams from throughout their compliance network. The sheer amount of data can be overwhelming, and it is impossible to analyze effectively using traditional processes. We will provide you with advanced reports and dashboards, which make it easy for even inexperienced team members to develop insights and spot compliance patterns. You will also be able to conduct advanced analysis of your jurisdictional records. our system also integrates with other third-party software like  Having an integrated system and a comprehensive view of your entire network will give your team the ability to respond to future challenges proactively.


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