How to Automate Your Fats, Oils and Grease Program

As growing populations put more and more pressure on aging infrastructure the challenges facing FOG teams are intensifying. The growing fatberg threat requires FOG managers to shift from more traditional management approaches and start to proactively address issues to the network before they occur.

We are committed to accelerating this evolution by developing customized FOG solutions that optimize your FOG program and bring you closer to your customers.


To streamline a process, we first need to know the challenges and process behind the current system. SwiftComply believes that for most FOG program managers these challenges include:

– Administrative burden
– Under-resourced personnel
– Lack of understanding and turnover within Food Service Establishments

These hurdles discourage communication, which hinders FOG program success of any size. SwiftComply’s mission is to help wastewater authorities develop collaborative relationships with regulated businesses to protect human health and the environment, so developing open communication and collaboration is our primary goal. To accomplish this, we suggest introducing three digital channels to increase communication between regulators, food service establishments, and service providers.  

Digital Program Registration

First, request that Food Service Establishments (FSEs) enroll their businesses online to understand how much they know about their FOG equipment without an initial in-person inspection. Ask simple questions such as, ‘Do you have a grease control device?’, and ‘How often is it serviced?’, plus require contact information with an email address so you can ask follow-up questions via email. No need for fancy software to start, tools such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey can help get automation off the ground.

Email Communication

Next, use the contact information you collected during registration and communicate with them via email. 90% of FSEs who submit registration forms respond to email follow-ups, so take advantage of this engagement and remind them (and keep reminding them) of your FOG program requirements!


Online Manifest Submission

Finally, rather than asking FSEs to store years of paper manifests on-site, ask them to submit these digitally in real-time. Accepting via email and tracking on a spreadsheet is a great first step. When you’re ready for increased automation, SwiftComply offers an online complaince portal where FSEs and Service Providers can submit directly into the same database, they are tracked, and auto-notifications are sent when submissions are overdue.

Real-time communication tools allow cities to gather the FSE data needed to target high-risk establishments, minimize inspections, and maximize limited resources.

We’re always happy to discuss new projects, creative ideas, and hear your vision. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team if you have any questions, inquiries, or need some assistance using our platform.