Inspiration and Innovation at Ace22

By Sophie Schmidt

Within the expansive hall of the Henry B. González Convention Center, SwiftComply was in great company at the Innovation Hub at the AWWA’s ACE22 event. Hosted by Isle Utilities, the hub enabled around 40 emerging innovators to showcase their solutions and share ideas.

Mick O Dwyer attending water conference

We were delighted to catch-up with old friends, including 120Water’s Megan Casey Glover (pictured above with SwiftComply CEO Mick O’Dwyer).

Over the course of ACE22, we were treated to thoughtfully coordinated presentations, panels, and fireside chats  and particularly enjoyed “Communication the Intangible Benefits of Innovation” hosted by Stephanie Corso of Rogue Water. Stephanie took us through an expertly guided session on storytelling within the water industry. 

Mick also took center stage to showcase our work at SwiftComply, and there was no better person to welcome everyone to the “Cybeer” Fest hosted by FIDO

The programming closed out with a call to action, asking what one commitment everyone in attendance at the event could make to help tackle climate change. SwiftComply’s commitment was clear: continuing to help the cities we serve to protect human health and the environment for years to come. What’s yours?

Mick O Dwyer SwiftComply ACE22 Water Conference