Bend Tames Compliance by Upgrading Their Data Management Capabilities

The City of Bend quickly transformed its regulatory processes by adopting SwiftComply's online application which gave its FOG team a live view of compliance for the majority of their regulated businesses. The new system dramatically reduced the number of inspections and allows them to prioritize high-risk areas.

Seeking an effective FOG compliance platform 

The City of Bend knew that they needed to make a change if they were to safeguard the reliability and effectiveness of their compliance program.

Their process before using SwiftComply was cumbersome and time-consuming and ultimately left their program running an entire month behind when compared to what was happening in the field. One program manager was performing 500+ inspections per year, which took up the majority of her time.

The team was also struggling with the traditional methods of gathering and managing their data, which undermined the reliability and accuracy of the compliance information they were collecting.

Uniting their tools, data, and processes

Bend chose to implement SwiftComply as they were looking for a holistic solution that would unite their tools, data, and processes all in one application. The Bend team knew that they needed to transform their entire program from IT to data management and customer service and outreach.

With SwiftComply’s FOG Program Software, Bend has been able to automate their most time-consuming tasks while getting a far more comprehensive view of compliance across their entire network. The team is now only required to carry out 10% of the in-person inspections they were previously doing.

The Bend team also has the tools and resources to harness the full power of their data. By using advanced reports and compliance dashboards, they can spot valuable compliance patterns and insights that had previously gone unnoticed. The City has quickly moved from a reactive approach to compliance management to a proactive approach.

The fast track to compliance 

The team has been able to reduce in-person inspections by 90% and now exclusively focuses on non-compliance and new businesses. The FOG team has also greatly strengthened their relationships with service providers in the area. This has had a number of benefits. The service providers give insight into which locations should be prioritized for service based on city regulations.