Gresham Moves Their Program Online

We asked Paul Kramer from Gresham's Regulatory Water Services Program to take part in our quick-fire Q&A about their program and how it has progressed since moving online.


What are your core job responsibilities?

Manage the FOG program and our multi-business inspection program along with the enforcement processes involved


What were some of the challenges you were facing prior to implementing SwiftComply?

Finding effective and easy ways to track and report employee time spent, creating annual reports, and being able to track the performance of the program as a whole.


Before implementation, what your process?

We were using a combination of paper records and tracking, an antiquated data management program, and many, many, excel spreadsheets. It was not efficient.


What long term goals is SwiftComply helping you achieve?

Moving all our businesses to online reporting which will minimize staff time needed and reduce reporting errors due to former ineffective methods

Being able to report on program effectiveness which turn will allow us to dedicate resources in more dynamic directions as well as allowing us to request more assistance for the public.


What is the main reason you would recommend working with SwiftComply? 

It’s quick, easy, and intuitive to use.  The program is useful in more ways than anticipated and enables the user to expand their programs past what they were able to prior.


What do you love about your job?

Helping the public navigate the issues they face from owning a business and protecting their environment


Swiftcomply is hands down the right choice for our data management and tracking.