Gresham moves online and triples their inspections

We asked Paul Kramer from Gresham's Regulatory Water Services Program to take part in our quick-fire Q&A about their program and how it has progressed since moving online.

Going digital

The City of Gresham’s FOG program manages its multi-business inspection program along with enforcement process. Before moving to SwiftComply, Gresham was using a combination of paper records and tracking, an antiquated data management program, and many, many, excel spreadsheets. It was not efficient: preparing for annual reports took a week to collect and consolidate data, it was difficult to track enforcement actions and deadlines, and the large amounts of paper documentation required additional resources.

Gresham enjoys problem-solving towards better ways to assist the public and were interested in the benefits of online reporting, from reducing reporting errors to minimizing staff time needed. They wanted to find an effective and easy way to track the performance of their program, so they chose SwiftComply!

Quick wins

The City of Gresham found SwiftComply quick and easy to use and instantly started to see the benefits of moving over. Real-time data was available for reporting immediately, and enforcement could now be easily tracked. Their inspection processes became streamlined, which allowed the team to triple their inspection output. Furthermore, Gresham has eliminated the need for paper files, and has reduced the costs of running their FOG program.

SwiftComply is hands down the right choice for our data management and tracking.

Being able to report on program effectiveness has enabled the City of Gresham to dedicate resources in more dynamic directions, as well as allow them to request more assistance for the public. SwiftComply has become even more useful than originally anticipated and it has enabled the city to greatly expand their program past what they were able to prior.