Maintenance and Technical Support Terms and Conditions

XC2 Software is now a division of SwiftComply US OpCo Inc. as of 1/1/2019. By executing the XC2 Annual Contract for Maintenance and Technical Support, the customer agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in this document and consents to the assignment of customer’s agreement with XC2 Software to SwiftComply.

Maintenance (Software Updates) and Technical Support are provided on a contract basis. It will be made available to Customer throughout the contracted term at the price quoted. Customers must pay for the entire contract period at the beginning of the contract to receive multi-year discounts. Unless you notify SwiftComply at least 30 days prior to the end of your term, the XC2 Annual Contract will automatically renew for another term of the same length (each “Renewal Term”).

XC2 Software Maintenance and Support Includes:

Technical Support is provided between the hours of 6:00 AM and 4:30 PM Pacific Time. In the event that a staff member is not immediately available, customer service will respond within 24 hours. This time is usually much less and averages between 1 and 4 hours.

We offer the following two tiers of support:


Email support

System updates upon request

Access to knowledge base

Regular group webinars


All basic plan features

Unlimited phone support

Proactive system updates

Dedicated account manager
2 hours remote video training per year

Waived migration fee for online services backflow product upgrade

Both support programs provide technical assistance regarding the direct use of XC2 to manage the customer’s programs, e.g., backflow prevention, FOG management, hydrant management, valve maintenance, meter testing, etc. This includes all standard functions and features listed in the XC2 documentation, including:

  • Initial installation on servers and workstations of XC2 software, and the embedded database engine.
  • Software update installation.
  • Adding/modifying records: (examples)
    • Backflow: Devices, Facilities, Tests, Surveys, Testers, Test Kits, etc.
    • FOG: Interceptor records, Inspections, Inspectors, Waste haulers, manifests, etc.
    • Hydrant, Meter, Valve, Reclaimed, etc.
  • Searches (Query) for lists of records.
  • Creating and Sending Notices, Follow-up Notices, Notices of Violation.
  • Printing: Test Forms, Envelopes, Labels, Reports, etc., including “Quick Reports” and Exporting.
  • Administrator Setup and Functions, Preferences and Resource/ Lookup Lists Setup.
  • Creating and modifying merge letters, setting up automatic notices.
  • Creating Scheduled, Exports, Saved Searches, List Views.
  • Setting up the embedded XC2 backup procedures.
  • Moving XC2 from one server and/or workstations to another.
  • Setting up XC2 DataSync (for licensed systems).
  • Recovering the data file from an “XC2 Backup” file.
  • Assistance with your “Update from Billing” process (for licensed systems).

Notes specific to XC2 software updates

Updates are only available via a download from the XC2 website – call or email for instructions. 

Updates should be installed on a quarterly basis to take advantage of the new enhancements, features, and functions that are constantly being added to XC2.

XC2 Software Maintenance and Support Excludes:

The standard XC2 maintenance and support contract does not include assistance with importing or interfacing XC2 data with other programs or systems unless specifically stated in this contract or an additional specific service contract.

The standard XC2 maintenance and support contract does not include assistance with accessing XC2 data from other systems (e.g. databases, GIS applications) beyond assistance with providing and installing the ODBC driver. XC2 Software provides a free ODBC driver for XC2 Server (requires XC2 Server version). It is assumed that the Customer staff is familiar with ODBC data sources and SQL language. XC2 Staff can answer table and field-specific questions regarding the data structure of XC2 and locations of specifically requested data. A data structure document is available on-line via the XC2 Knowledge Base. This is an HTML document with a list of all tables, field names, field data types, triggers, relationships, indices, and field attributes.


Customers are responsible for and agree to pay any and all sales taxes or any penalties due to late or non-payment of those taxes imposed at anytime whatsoever on the Annual Contract Renewal.

Customers in the state of Washington are subject to Sales Tax on the Maintenance portion of the contract which is 50% of the Annual Contract Renewal amount.

Customers in Canada are subject to GST/PST.

Expired Maintenance and Support Contract:

XC2 customer service will not be able to provide technical assistance without a current maintenance and support contract. This includes any type of assistance including but not limited to, moving the program to another computer, downloading the installers, re-installing the program, lost data, forgot user log-in or password, questions about the structure of the data, data entry, reports, exports, or any issues associated with using the program, et al. 

XC2 customer service may not be able to provide assistance with older, non-supported versions. Updates to the current version may be available for a fee without an ongoing support contract. These types of updates are available with limited time support, determined at the time of the purchase of the update.