Streamline your permit application process and issue permits 75% faster

Make it easy for your water customers and regulated businesses to submit online applications and drastically reduce your team's approval process time.

Water & wastewater permit application.

Benefits of digitizing your permit application process

User-Friendly applicant experience

Make it easy for water customers and regulated businesses to submit applications with online forms and keep them up to date every step of the way.

Automated tasks & notifications

Applications will be sent to the correct team member for review and automatic notifications will ensure everyone knows exactly where they are in the process.

Faster turnaround time

Your centralized dashboard will automatically populate with the latest requests, eliminating the need to scan or manually re-enter application information into the system.

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How it works

Applicant makes online submission

Applicants will be able to quickly apply for & renew their permits and make payments from their secure online portal.

Your team is notified that there is a new application

Your team will get instant access to each submission, along with all of the relevant documentation needed to approve the application.

Your records are updated in SwiftComply

Once the review is complete, the information will populate in SwiftComply, giving your team instant access from the office or the field.

How it helps your applicants

Applicants can submit forms & make payments from their online portal

Your customers can access a personalized landing page securely hosted in the cloud. From there, they can submit permit applications or make payments using your pre-defined workflows.

Water and sewer authority processes permit application search.
A screen showing the process of completing an application.

Step-by-step workflows make it easy to complete the process

Using your pre-defined workflows, applicants will know exactly what they need to do and will have complete visibility into the time, cost, and steps involved in completing their submission.

Applicants receive timely notifications on their application status

Applicants will receive automatic updates as their application progresses, significantly reducing the admin burden on your team. Applicants will also be able to easily track the status of their application, eliminating any unnecessary communications.

Your application is pending approval.

How it helps your team

Streamlined application management

You will have access to a centralized dashboard that tracks all your applications. Pre-defined workflows will also ensure that each submission is completed as required.

A dashboard showing different types of information.
Water & wastewater permit application.

User-friendly workflow builder

The workflow builder allows your team to quickly and easily create step-by-step processes that your customers must follow to complete an application.

See how you can streamline your permit management process

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