The future of FOG


Cities are under pressure to transform their programs, especially because of COVID, and are adopting more innovative technology. New technologies are emerging, but with trends being sped up by COVID, are they changing quickly enough, and do they provide enough value to the customer?

Key Takeaways

  • Innovation follows a pattern: industries evolve in curves, technologies overlap – new ones grow while existing tech reaches maturity. In a FOG sense, we have moved from paper-based processes to software eg. databases, which will move into smart technology.
  • It’s inevitable that FOG programs will be managed with a transparent digital platform that fosters communication and collaboration between all stakeholders.
  • There are four main trends in this field and they have been accelerated by COVID:
    • Increased fiscal pressure on cities
    • Environment and sustainability focus
    • The emergence of smart technologies signaling the start of the next innovation curve
    • Accelerated digital transformation, sped up by COVID