What to consider when buying technology for your FOG program


Program managers and inspectors often see the value in implementing new technologies to push their wastewater compliance forward but can hit a wall when trying to convince management or finance of the need. Lauren takes a look at how three of our customers overcame these challenges and adopted SwiftComply’s technology into their programs.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology has changed everyday activities
    • Different methods, more choice
    • Jobs don’t change – technology just pushes them further
    • Asked to do more with less, but technology helps us keep up and pushes the industry forward
  • Interviewed three current customers to understand how they brought technology to their program (SPMUD, San Jose, City of Hanford)
  • Why did you need it: service details; data year-round; revise sewer code; reduce record-related violations
  • Who did you have to convince: department manager; board of directors; the finance department
  • What did you prepare: cost and functionality comparison of 2 products (scope, options, demos, recommendations/business-friendly solutions); justification to purchase the data
  • How did you know what to prepare: previous experience preparing proposals; worked with the board of directors; unknown so familiarised themself with the city’s processes
  • When was it implemented: four months; two years; three years