XC2 Software End-of-Life Announcement

Since acquiring XC2 in 2019, we have invested in continuous improvements. However, given the complex challenges facing modern compliance teams, we knew XC2 was no longer fit for purpose.

Therefore, from the 30th of April 2024, we will no longer be supporting the XC2 product range XC2 Sequoia, XC2Web, and XC2Live (see roadmap below).

Instead, we’re committed to focusing on building better solutions to help you manage your program successfully.

RoadmapWhat you need to KnowDate
End-of-SaleYou will no longer be able to order new products or user licenses after this date. April 2022
End of Maintenance ReleasesWe will no longer be releasing maintenance updates, bug fixes, or security updates.May 2023
Last date for Renewal of Support Contracts You will no longer be able to extend or renew your product support contract.April 2023
End of Extended Support periodWe will shut down all extended support for the product. We recommend moving to new software or starting that process at this point. April 2024

Migrate your program to SwiftComply

We're experts in migrating users from XC2 to SwiftComply

In the last 12 months, we have successfully migrated 25 utilities from XC2 to SwiftComply Backflow and FOG.

Keep all of the features you rely on

Everything you can do in XC2 can also be completed with SwiftComply and we will be on hand to ensure your team gets up and running quickly.

Industry leading solutions and support

Our team includes former city employees, inspectors, and technologists passionate about helping regulators protect their colleagues and the wider community.

Next Steps

A member of our team will reach out to you approximately three months before your next renewal to walk you through the available options. If you would like to discuss your options before then, please contact our customer success team today at 619.304.6022 or submit your details and we will be in touch.