Fox Metro Introduces Digital Collaboration to Streamline Their FOG Program

In 2016 Fox Metro set about improving the efficiency of its FOG program by digitizing how they record inspections & track pump-outs of food service establishments. With SwiftComply, they were able to go a step further with our online platform that allows FSE's to self submit their pump out reports online.

Problem Addressed

Like many Water Utilities, Fox Metro was looking for ways to increase efficiency and make the best use of their scarce resources. They wanted to transform the way they recorded and tracked food service establishment inspections. With just one FTE assigned to the Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) program, their historic processes were not fit for purpose and resulted in countless wasted hours on manual data entry.

After discussing with the SwiftComply team, it was clear that Fox Metro had a significant opportunity to do more than upgrading their inspection process. We encouraged them to go one step further and invite their establishments to self-submit pump out reports electronically.

Solutions used

Fox Metro was able to unite their team, data, and processes around the SwiftComply FOG application. Moving their program to the cloud ensured that field inspectors could upload reports in real-time and give the entire team an up to date view of FOG compliance in their city.

Interactive dashboards and reports allow the team to segment their customer base and quickly prioritize as required. Advanced automation greatly reduced the time spent on repetitive tasks, giving the team more time to focus on their core competencies.

The utility also used a customized FOG program website where food businesses could self declare their compliance. Following registration, users receive a SwiftComply Portal account, allowing them to upload records of their pump-outs throughout the year.

The application has improved the overall customer experience by giving users more control and allowing Fox Metro to send relevant and timely communications based on their actions.