Built by FOG program managers, for FOG program managers

Our FOG management solutions are designed with one thing in mind – collaboration. Harness the power of your data to optimise your regulatory program and make better more informed decisions around your customers. 

Powerful and scalable

Give your team with the knowledge and tools to proactively engage customers, develop shared solutions and innovate together.

Manage your program online

Allow regulated businesses and providers to self-submit service details.

Automate complex and time consuming tasks

Automate complex & repetitive tasks

Easily create sophisticated digital workflows that streamline compliance.

Collaborate with your customers

Collaborate with your customers

Ensure your customers are interested, engaged and ready to take action.

FOG 2.0

Powered by technology, inspired by people

Launch Your FOG Ecosystem

Our versatile platform makes it possible to manage a complete Fat, Oil and Grease program from the cloud. Automate repetitive tasks, organize FSE data, and access real-time reports for a deeper insight into the current FOG situation in your city.

Scale Your Engagement

Send targeted messages to onboard and activate your customers. Monitor your customer actions and automate your communications to deliver timely and personalised communications to keep your users engaged and informed.

Create personalised customer campaigns

We know foodservice entrepreneurs are busy. It takes a lot of persistent effort to grab their attention. The key to achieving long-term behavioral change is engaging users directly and providing real value each and every time you interact. SwiftComply creates targeted campaigns specifically designed to engage FSEs.

Empower Your Team

Access real time reports and dashboards to refine your customer experience, increase operational efficiency and drive innovation throughout your network.

"We are delighted with the launch of the SwiftComply platform. What took me 2-3 days before, now only takes me 2-3 hours. Plus with the new method of invoicing, 40-80 hours of manual labor each month is now boiled down to 30 minutes a day. "​

Cassandra Mac | City of Tempe

Do more with less

Automate repetitive tasks, access real-time reports and collaborate with your customers for more proactive FOG management.

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