Simplify FOG compliance and collaborate with your customers on one application.

With almost 500 customers across North America and Europe, we understand the different challenges that cities of all sizes face and we are uniquely positioned to add value while reducing risk.

Intuitive. Collaborative. Innovative.

Enhance your operational capabilities

Run your entire program online and get a 360 view of compliance in real time. 

Proactively identify & address threats

Access interactive dashboards and reports to identify threats early.

Collaborate with your customer

Optimise your customer experience and collaborate at scale. 

Automate complex & repetitive tasks

Create simple digital workflows that free up time and resources. 

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Working with us

We know that technology alone is not enough. All of our services are underpinned by our commitment to providing industry-leading customer services. Our team helps our customers to continually get the most out of their SwiftComply investment while adapting to the changing utility requirements.

You’re in great company 

Over 450 cities across North America choose SwiftComply to support and enhance their compliance program. 

Charlotte Water
City of Dallas
The City of San Diego
San Francisco Water
JEA - Northeast Florida Water
San Jose Water Company
City of Houston
City of Forth Worth
Seattle Public Utilities
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"We are delighted with the launch of the SwiftComply platform. What took me 2-3 days before, now only takes me 2-3 hours. Plus with the new method of invoicing, 40-80 hours of manual labor each month is now boiled down to 30 minutes a day. "​

Achieved 80% enrollment rate 

112 businesses self declared grease removal equipment.

Achieved 82% enrollment rate 

531 businesses self-declared FOG removal equipment.

SwiftComply key features

Unite your team around one set of tools data and processes

Customizable dashboards.

Utilize custom dashboards for in-depth analysis.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Securely access your application on any device through your online browser. 

Instant upgrades

Get instant platform upgrades without affecting program performance.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users mean you can easily engage customers at scale.

Automate repetitive tasks and collaborate with your colleagues in real-time

Empower your team

Unite your team around one set of tools, data and processes.

Track compliance in real time

Review compliance trends and monitor pump out rates. Get automatic notifications about non compliant users.

Get a 360 view of your customers

Track your customer’s key metrics and deliver value across each interaction. 

Optimise your customer experience and collaborate at scale

Custom online sign up pages

We will design and build personalized online pages to drive FSE self-declaration.

Automated Email

Deliver personalised and timely email notifications based on your requirements and user actions. 

Personalised engagement

Utilise our team of experts to engage your customers in educational outreach campaigns.

Get a team of experts looking after your program.

Personalised on-boarding plan

Our team will hold discovery calls to understand your city’s workflow and guide you through the process. 

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment with through interactive webinars, how-to videos and in-person training visits.

A dedicated customer success manager

You’ll know who to reach out to directly with questions or feedback, and they’ll already have some knowledge of your program.

Ongoing support

Your CMS will empower you to continually optimize your use of SwiftComply even as your core competencies evolve and new challenges emerge.

Safeguard the integrity and reliability of data.

24/7 monitoring and support

We work around the clock to fix issues as the arrive and notify you of threats to the system.

Automatic security upgrades

Automatic software updates that continually improve your system over time and safeguard your network from external threats.

Data conversion and import

SwiftComply helps sort through your legacy data and takes care of the import to save time and ensure accurate migration. 

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