Built by FOG program managers, for FOG program managers

We give you the knowledge and tools to achieve long-term FOG program sustainability.

FOG solutions in the cloud

Manage everything from the cloud

Our versatile platform makes it possible to manage a complete Fat, Oil and Grease program from the cloud. Automate repetitive tasks, organize FSE data, and access real-time reports for a deeper insight into the current FOG situation in your city.

Foster long-term relationships.

Send targeted messages to onboard and activate FSE’s within your FOG programme. Segment users based on real-time information and ensure you send the right message at the right time. Eliminate wasted time on menial tasks and focus on the people, not the process.

Education and outreach
Targeted FOG campaigns

Engage users with targeted campaigns.

We know foodservice entrepreneurs are busy. It takes a lot a lot of persistent effort to grab their attention. The key to achieving long-term behavioral change is engaging users directly and providing real value each and every time you interact. SwiftComply creates targeted campaigns specifically designed to engage FSEs.

Expert assistance
any time.

Our team of experts is always on hand to unite your city’s tools, data, and processes within the SwiftComply Suite. We know how to prioritize key program goals and maximize FOG compliance even with limited resources and a growing FSE population.

SwiftComply team 2017

The intuitive, powerful FOG solution your organization deserves.

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