Helping backflow managers do more with less

With over 450 customers across North America we understand the different challenges that cities of all sizes face and we are uniquely positioned to add value while reducing risk.

A Mockup of the XC2Live Dashboard

Manage your program online

Say goodbye to paper and endless hours of admin by allowing testers to upload reports directly to the city database.

Streamline your compliance process

Integrate your entire network compliance data in one application & use advanced reports to identify patterns.

Automate complex and repetitive tasks

Give your team the time and tools to develop new efficiencies by automating your most time-consuming processes.

Moving online

The digital goldrush

Water managers have faced a massive change in recent years. The modern utility is expected to deliver compliance while reducing costs and developing new efficiencies. Innovative utilities are moving their programs online and advancing creative ideas to overcome these challenges and future proof their regulatory program.

Customer stories

How City of Atlanta automated over 60 hours a week of administrative tasks

The City of Atlanta revolutionised how they maintain backflow compliance.

SC backflow dashboard updated

Over 450  

cities across the world choose SwiftComply to support and enhance their programs

Including nine of the twenty biggest cities in the USA

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Working with us

We know that technology alone is not enough. Underpinning all of our services is our commitment to providing industry-leading customer services. Our team helps our customers to continually get the most out of their SwiftComply investment while adapting to the changing utility requirements.

Product updates

XC2 Features

A customizable user interface, advanced online test entry, and streamlined communications

A tablet and a phone with the XC2 app on them.


Key benefits

Unite your team around one set of tools data and processes

Customizable dashboards.

Utilize custom dashboards for real-time reporting and in-depth analysis. The new system will also integrate with GIS visualization.

Online test submission

Allow testers to submit reports directly to the city database. Intuitive forms safeguard the reliability of your data.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Both you and your testers can securely access your application on any device through your online browsers.

Automate repetitive tasks and collaborate with your colleagues in real-time

Empower your team

Give your team the time and resources to develop new efficiencies

Track compliance in real time

Analyze data in real-time to aid in day to day operations and streamline your processes.

Get a comprehensive view of your entire network.

Track key compliance metrics and increase your efficiencies across the entire network. 

Safeguard the integrity and reliability of data.

24/7 monitoring and support

Our online security comes through Amazon, which spends enormous amounts of money on the latest security technology.

Automatic security upgrades

Automatic software updates that continually improve your system over time and safeguard your network from external threats.

Data conversion and import

SwiftComply helps sort through your legacy data and takes care of the import to save time and ensure accurate migration. 

Get a team of experts looking after your program.

Interactive training & resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to videos, and in-person training visits.

A dedicated customer success manager (CSM)

You’ll know who to reach out to directly with questions or feedback, and they’ll already have some knowledge of your program.

Ongoing support

Your CSM will empower you to continually optimize your use of SwiftComply even as your core competencies evolve, and new challenges emerge.