SwiftComply acquires

SwiftComply is delighted to announce the acquisition of XC2 software.

Our mission is to help cities protect public health, its infrastructure, and the environment. Our acquisition of XC2 brings us one step closer to achieving this goal by extending our services into important regulatory programs such as backflow and cross-connection control, FOG, valve testing and reclaimed water management.

We will continue to support XC2’s products and will operate as a division of SwiftComply, under the management of the previous owner, Randy Engle. We’re thrilled to welcome Sara, Bill, Ian, and Zach to the SwiftComply team. 

Our objective is to enhance the existing suite of XC2 features through our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. As such we are immediately launching our online backflow test entry platform that seamlessly notifies, collects and verifies backflow test reports on behalf of water providers.

Important notice for Existing XC2 customers

Not only will SwiftComply continue to support and upgrade XC2’s products but customers can also avail of our other suite of cloud-based solutions.

  • Online test entry

Eliminate manual data entry by having backflow testing contractors submit reports online. Automatically sync to your desktop database.

  • Program automation

Make your prevention program go further. Automate repetitive tasks, organize data, and access real-time reports.

  • Data training for deeper insights

Better allocate your resources and utilise our advanced technology to prevent backflow incidents. 

Enjoy the upgraded
range of Backflow features

Upgrade to SwiftComply's market-leading FOG solutions

  • Compliance automation

Instantly streamline your FOG management programme in one central place making it easy for your team to develop deeper relationships which benefit your city.

  • Manifest Uploads

Run your FOG programme seamlessly from the cloud.

  • Education & Outreach

Encourage real-time collaboration, transparency, and accountability across your city.

  • Programme Management

Get tips and advice from our team of FOG experts.

We'd love to hear from you

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team if you have any questions about the acquisition or would like to discuss how our platform can better meet your needs. 

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