How SwiftComply's user-friendly design helped Circleville transform their backflow compliance program

With Craig Puckett, Backflow Manager at the City of Circleville (OH)

Maintains a compliance rate at or above 94%

Significantly improved the accuracy of their data

Improved reporting to senior leadership


The City of Circleville faced a significant challenge with their backflow compliance program. An outdated system led to low compliance rates and time-consuming manual tasks.

Craig Puckett, Circleville’s backflow manager, knew that he needed a modern, user-friendly solution to streamline his processes and achieve his vision for an efficient compliance program. SwiftComply quickly emerged as the perfect partner to help Craig transform the program.


Before SwiftComply Backflow, Circleville’s backflow program was fraught with inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Managing backflow test results and compliance data manually was time-consuming and prone to errors due to the complexity of their legacy system.

Craig spent countless hours searching for data and correcting old entries. Compliance rates were around 60%, with many backflow assemblies untested for years. The old system also lacked effective reporting tools, making it hard to track and communicate compliance status.

When I first started using our old legacy system, our compliance rate was around 60%. We had 510 locations, but there were originally 700 or 800 entries, many of which were outdated or incorrect. Straight away I knew I needed a more effective solution.


Craig’s primary goal was to streamline compliance management by automating and simplifying his processes. He also wanted to ensure all data was accurate and up-to-date and enhance reporting capabilities for better decision-making.

Ultimately, Craig aimed to significantly raise compliance rates by efficiently managing and monitoring non-compliant assemblies. He envisioned a step-by-step transformation to reach an optimal state.

We had backflows that hadn't been tested since 2017. Cleaning those up was my first priority, and the SwiftComply system made it much easier to identify and address these issues.


SwiftComply provided an intuitive dashboard and automation features that transformed Circleville’s backflow compliance program. The dashboard offered a clear visualization of compliance status, allowing Craig to see non-compliant assemblies at a glance. Automation reduced the time spent on data entry and management.

I love the visualization on the main dashboard. It shows me exactly how many backflow assemblies we have, how many are non-compliant, and other critical information at a glance.

Implementation & Support

The transition to SwiftComply was smooth and well-supported. Circleville was provided with a clear implementation roadmap with defined tasks and milestones.

The support team was readily available, offering detailed instructions via email or Zoom calls. This structured approach allowed Craig to implement changes gradually and build a robust compliance program.

The support team was amazing. I could email them a question and get detailed instructions within an hour, or they would hop on a Zoom call with me to walk me through the process.

The migration process also facilitated the cleanup of outdated data, significantly improving data quality and accuracy.


With SwiftComply, Craig has achieved remarkable results. Compliance rates rose from 60% to over 90% within a year and a half – now consistently above 94%.

Craig can also now manage and update compliance data easily, with real-time information readily accessible. The dashboard enables accurate and prompt reporting to superiors.

When my bosses ask about our compliance status, I can immediately provide accurate data using the various charts and reports.

Automated notifications and proactive communication with testers have further streamlined the compliance process.


SwiftComply has been instrumental in transforming Circleville’s backflow compliance program. With a user-friendly interface and robust support system, Craig has achieved significant milestones. The improvements in compliance rates and operational efficiency highlight the value of a structured, step-by-step approach to digital transformation.

"SwiftComply has made a huge difference for our backflow program. Their user-friendly features and great support helped us clean up our data and dramatically increase our compliance rates. Now, we have a really solid compliance program that we're proud of."
Craig Puckett
Backflow Manager

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