The People Who Power SwiftComply: Eric Snell

At the center of what we do at SwiftComply is a team of experienced professionals with knowledge of the water compliance industry.

And none come with more experience than our water pre-treatment expert, Eric Snell.

Eric has spent many years involved in the technical side of water compliance, and the wider water space. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and works tirelessly to understand our customers’ needs and help them implement the very best solution to their water problems.

We caught up with Eric to get to know a little bit more about what makes him tick.

You can check out the interview below;

What did you do before you started working at SwiftComply?

SwiftComply is a continuation of my career in water and wastewater compliance software. I’ve been doing it for a long time with older technology, and coming to work at SwiftComply is just a continuation of that with new technology and some of the same customers.

What stood out to you about SwiftComply?

Well, two things.

One, I’m in the business and in the market and noticed…

We’ll call it a ‘Rising Star’ on the software side in the water and wastewater compliance market.

And that was SwiftComply, so that stood out.

The other thing is just the opportunity to bring new technology to existing customers and friends that are in the market. Those two things. I found out that SwiftComply was adding to their product, pre-treatment specifically, and that is right in my heart: to bring pre-treatment compliance to customers in new software.

When I found out that Mick (CEO) and SwiftComply were working on pre-treatment, I wanted to sign up, and so, the combination of ‘Rising Star’ and the new technology we’re going to build pre-treatment. 

Those were the two things that grabbed my attention.

How long have you been with SwiftComply?

I’ve been with SwiftComply for just a little under two years now, so we’ll call it 18 months.

What are you most proud of since you started working here?

A lot of things.

But if I’m going to call out things that I’m proud of working at SwiftComply, it’s all about relationships and being responsible for what you’re doing.

So, part of that starts within the company, being responsible to one another as employees and professionals, and the other part is to our customers. I’m proud to be a contributor and part of a team that builds relationships and is responsible to one another and our customers.

What does your job entail?

I wear multiple hats.

I have a highly technical background and deep knowledge of Regulatory Compliance. I’ve also worked with many customers, so I have a lot of existing relationships. So, I get tagged into several aspects at SwiftComply;

One, I help with some technical sales and transition those to implementation. I’m also part of the delivery of more technical aspects for our customers. Additionally, I help bring my history and knowledge of what I’ve done in the past to help streamline and optimize delivery for our customers.

I do a little bit on the sales side, communication with customers and the sales team, on the implementation side to help improve and streamline processes, and a little bit on the product side bringing that technical history and background to uplift our overall product suite. It’s fun to wear these many hats, sometimes trying to go back and forth, but it’s a very exciting job.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job is working with the customer. I really enjoy those aspects where I can go deeper into their day-to-day business. It’s something that they might see as boring or a process that they do again and again, but I like to get in there and learn that process and build change and improvement for them. That is rewarding. I like that part of working with a customer.

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Yeah, that’s easy.

The most exciting thing that we’re doing right now is really rolling out the pre-treatment product.

It’s an exciting process.

We’re building it on a new technology platform that already exists and is proven, so we have many nice features, communications, and automation, as well as baseline compliance features available. Just adding those micro-processes that we need for pre-treatment to bring it full circle into compliance for that special niche in need of wastewater compliance.

So, pre-treatment is the exciting part for me.

What do you think makes our culture unique?

Our company culture is… You know, I don’t think the word “inclusive” would be accurate or good enough. We are inclusive of one another and respect one another, but our culture is fun, it’s built on relationships, and a commitment to our customers.

Which work benefit is your favorite and why?

One thing that I do like about SwiftComply is I’m wearing some swag here, some SwiftComply gear. I don’t know if we want to call it culture, but we embody the company.

You get out of bed, you’re working for water and wastewater compliance, you’re making a difference in the world, that’s one aspect of it.

But then, there’s pride, right?

I’m SwiftComply, I’m part of that team, my coffee mug says SwiftComply, I’m part of that team, and so it’s kind of a side benefit.

It’s a small thing.

I mean hey, I have healthcare, I get a paycheck, those are good benefits too, but bringing the whole company together and representing. Doing that through some of these things like t-shirts and coffee cups may seem like a small thing, but I really enjoy it.

Why is our work meaningful/important?

Water’s a big thing!

It’s important to us as individuals, it’s important to us on our planet.

And it’s funny because if we step back and we get isolated in our jobs and our roles, we’re working with a water utility or a wastewater utility predominantly as our customer base, we get caught up and… oh, we’re building technology or software processing reports and data!

But at the end of the day, these are not small things, and it’s very important to remember the bigger picture because we’re not contributing in a small part. It’s a large part!

People often ask me to explain; ‘Well, what does your software do?’

And, I say; ‘Well it’s water/wastewater/regulatory Compliance, but in a much simpler term, every day we drink water, and we go to the bathroom, so we think Water and Wastewater; it’s part of our daily lives!

We assume that it’s there and it’s obvious and we’re entitled to these things.

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Eric is just one of a team of water industry experts, former city officials, and passionate tech folk who power the SwiftComply mission.

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