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SwiftComply Customer Success

Adopting a new compliance solution can be very exciting if you have the right planning and support in place. When that’s not the case, however, you might end up facing a daunting experience.

Our customer success managers combine extensive industry expertise and in-depth product knowledge to help seamlessly integrate SwiftComply into your current workflow and empower your team.

With almost 500 customers across North America, we have worked with many teams facing similar challenges and striving to achieve the same outcomes. This experience uniquely positions us to help you reach your objectives and harness the full power of SwiftComply.


Your roadmap to success

When you sign up to work with us, we will assign you a dedicated customer success manager. They will guide your team through implementation and onboarding.

To begin with, we will hold discovery calls to understand how you currently operate, your unique regulatory requirements, and your program goals. Your success managers will then work closely with your team to develop a personalized plan that reflects your current situation and jurisdictional requirements.

Once you are up and running you can expect to hear from your CSM periodically with new features updates, recommendations to help you get more out of XC2, and requests for your feedback!

We continually strive to improve and refine this process to find innovative ways to support your digital transformation.


Key benefits

Personalized onboarding plan

Your CSM will create a tailored onboarding plan and successfully guide you through the process. Our number one priority is to reduce risk and start delivering value as quickly as possible.

Performance reviews

Your success manager will be in touch to review your performance and system usage periodically. They will empower you to continually optimize your use of XC2  even as your core competencies evolve and new challenges emerge. Our goal is to achieve continuous product improvement through open-ended conversations, rather than problem-based development.

Interactive training and resources

Get the most out of your investment through interactive webinars, how-to videos and in-person training visits. You can also utilize our online knowledge base, containing the latest training and advice.

Software configuration

Login to see custom properties already created, using the correct language of your local program.

Data conversion and import

SwiftComply helps sort through your legacy data and takes care of the import into XC2 to reduce risk, save time and ensure accurate migration.


The role of your customer success manager

Your customer success manager wears many hats.

Trusted partner

Your success manager works as an extension of your team, analyzing your underlying data to provide tailored advice and help you optimize and innovate.


Your CSM will be on hand to help you work through challenges and provide strategic advice, even when it’s not specifically related to SwiftComply. They will also empower you to track and measure your progress against your program objectives.


Customer success managers document your successes and share your feedback with our product development team.

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