Team building and the art of restaurant quality food

SwiftComply team practicing continuous development

Restaurant-quality food at Howth Castle Cookery School

Our team activities revolve around food – making it, eating it and dining out-  and September’s team building event was held at the fantastic Howth Castle Cookery School where we thought we’d try our hand at making restaurant quality food.

Set North of our hometown in Dublin, Howth Castle dates from 1177 when Almeric, the first Lord of Howth, came to Ireland with John de Courcy. Legend has it that on 10th August, the feastday of St Lawrence, at Evora Bridge, close to the Church of Ireland church he won a victory which secured him possession of the Howth peninsula. In gratitude for this he is said to have taken the name of St Lawrence. His descendants still own and live in the castle which must make it one of the longest unbroken chains of ownership in Ireland if not the world!  Over almost 900 years, the art of food and cooking has been truly perfected.

SwiftComply team not practicing continuous development

We immediately warmed to the lovely kitchen and generous atmosphere.  Despite our meagre skills, we were confident that the setting was going to deliver and excellent supper and immediately got into the team spirit putting a lot of effort into chopping, grating, blanching, mixing, searing and frying.  Much banter and discussion meant that some dishes seemed easy to deliver greatness – the lamb tagine and the vegetarian squash tagine definitely achieved restaurant quality.

Others proved more challenging and despite tasting delicious, our almond m’hanncha snake left something to be desired presentationally…

Home cooked lamb tagine

Our evening ended in the fabulous Butler’s Pantry enjoying the fruits of our labour.  And that was that.

Until one cold January Sunday evening in Sandymount.  Our COO was inspired to recreate the magic of Howth Castle and make lamb tagine for her family.  Whilst she can’t claim anything like the same ancestry as the descendants of St Lawrence she can at least make the food and dream.

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